The App With the Unprintable Name That Wants to Give Power to Creators - The New York Times
Aug 02, 2021 1 min, 59 secs
Fed up with the imbalance between online influencers and brands, Lindsey Lee Lugrin and Isha Mehra created a platform to change that.

Male creators earned an average of $476 per post and women $348, according to an analysis last year by Klear, an influencer marketing platform.

It functions as a kind of Glassdoor for influencers, where creators can leave reviews of brands they have worked with, share ad rates, and give and get other crucial information for negotiating sponsored content deals.

Among the tools that have proliferated is Collabstr, a marketing platform that lets creators post brief biographies about themselves and list their pay rates.

Social media pages like Brands Behaving Badly, We Don’t Work for Free and Influencer Pay Gap call attention to bad deals and potentially exploitative brands.

“Creators need to realize we have the power,” River Johnson, 29, a creator in Half Moon Bay, Calif., said of the relationship between influencers and brands.

Brand deals are negotiated through a messy mix of direct messages and emails.

And while brands generally have a lot of information on creators — influencer marketing platforms allow companies to sort and filter through millions of influencers by follower count, demographic and social media platform — creators have little information on brands and what they pay.

Lugrin eventually gained over 16,000 followers and started making brand deals with fashion companies and start-ups.

She began conducting market research and harvesting information from creators about their brand deals.

Lugrin posted a blog post announcing FYPM, which, she wrote, was “birthed out of rage.” Taking aim at influencer marketing platforms, she said most were “really just another platform designed to help more business owners exploit influencer talent, but in a new ‘innovative’ way!”.

James Nord, chief executive and founder of Fohr, an influencer marketing company that has paid out over $65 million to creators in the past five years, said he supported Ms.

FYPM, which is still being tested, allows users to filter brand deals by platform such as Twitter, Clubhouse, Substack, Instagram and OnlyFans.

So far, about 1,500 creators have posted more than 2,000 reviews of 1,300 brands on FYPM.

Lugrin said.

“We all have to talk to each other and say, ‘This brand reached out to me — what did they offer you?’” she said

Lugrin said she hoped FYPM would help make life as a creator more profitable for everyone, including those without millions of followers or money to fall back on

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