The best fitness apps experts recommend trying - AOL

The best fitness apps experts recommend trying - AOL

The best fitness apps experts recommend trying - AOL
Jan 23, 2023 1 min, 1 sec

Whether you’re working out for the first time or aiming to hit new fitness goals, it’s crucial to have a routine, something to follow that guides you while exercising, said Nicole Nahed, lead trainer and founder of Sculpt Studios in Michigan.

Nahed said the app offers many different types of workouts, including floor exercises you don’t need any equipment for, and wellness focused classes like meditation and stretching.

It offers an extensive library of on-demand classes that fall within four categories: Yoga, meditation, pilates/barre and fitness, which mainly includes HIIT, strength training and cardio-centered workouts.

And if you don’t want to pick on-demand classes a la carte, you can use one of Obé’s programs — workouts progress in intensity over time and are designed to be done in a specific order.

Kendra Thomas, a yoga teacher at Y7 and the head of instruction at the Mind Body Project in New York, said that what sets Aaptiv apart from other fitness apps is its library of audio-only workouts.

But if you have past ankle or foot injuries, or simply don’t feel stable barefoot, sneakers come in handy, like running shoes or trainers, depending on what workout you’re doing.

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