Oct 25, 2021 57 secs
Detected by the Parkes Murriyang radio telescope in southeastern Australia, blc1 was coming right from Proxima Centauri, a star just 4.2 light-years away, and home to two planets—one of which is thought to be potentially habitable to life.

If it had a natural origin, the signal should have repeated over time, but the team never observed it again in dozens of hours of follow-up observations of Proxima Centauri.

“We can confidently say that blc1 is consistent with human radio frequency interference from some sort of ground-based technology,” Sheikh, a co-author of two new studies on blc1 published in Nature Astronomy, told The Daily Beast.

Over the two years of analysis, the team found out that blc1 actually shares the same frequency as other radio interference that was picked up around the same time as blc1’s detection.

A deep dive into the data found over 60 “copies” of the blc1 signal, all with very clear signs of being radio interference.

And Breakthrough Listen’s sister project, Starshot, is planning to one day build and launch a fleet of small spacecraft to Proxima Centauri to get a glimpse of any alien life up close?

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