Dec 02, 2021 49 secs

The comet, discovered by Greg Leonard, a senior researcher at the University of Arizona, was first spotted at the Mount Lemmon Observatory just outside of Tucson, Arizona on Jan3

Robert Lunsford with the American Meteor Society told USA TODAY the comet won't be the most spectacular one ever but will be "the brightest comet this year." With the help of binoculars and telescopes, people across the country can already begin to spot it in the sky, and it won't be long before people can view the comet with the naked eye for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Although recently discovered, the comet won't be sticking around for long.

Astrophysicist and founder of The Virtual Telescope Project Gianluca Masi told USA TODAY Leonard is a long-period comet, meaning it doesn't come around often.

Unless you are living in Antarctica, Lunsford said anyone on the planet can view the comet right now.

That will also be the day people may be able to view it with the naked eye. .

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