The 'insecure little teen' going for gold in Tokyo
Jul 23, 2021 1 min, 25 secs

She began competing professionally in 2016 and went on to win gold at the inaugural World Skateboarding Championships.

"We all go swimming after skating or all go and get dinner and I think that's a really fun environment instead of just being in a hotel room after practising and going to sleep.".

"I don't think I'm famous at all," she says.

"I've had girls go up to me and ask for a picture and I feel like people might think I'm kind of rude when they meet me, but I am just nervous.

"It's just really cool that I have looked up to so many girls in skateboarding and now others might look up to me.".

"When everyone found out about Olympics we kind of felt recognised and like we actually have chance to make a living off this," she said.

"When your passion turns into your job it is really cool, but you don't want to lose that passion.

I love doing it not because of the money in skating or because it's in the Olympics.

Zeuner's love of skateboarding is thanks to her brother, Jackson, but now the Games are finally here, her main inspiration when competing in Tokyo is her late grandmother.

"My grandma who passed away, she wanted to watch me in the Olympics and I was really scared to even think about it, but my biggest drive is to do it for her

"I think she wanted it more than me and I think I owe that to her."

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