The Largest Star in The Milky Way Is Slowly Dying, And Astronomers Are Watching - ScienceAlert

The Largest Star in The Milky Way Is Slowly Dying, And Astronomers Are Watching - ScienceAlert

The Largest Star in The Milky Way Is Slowly Dying, And Astronomers Are Watching - ScienceAlert
Jun 27, 2022 38 secs

Astronomers at the University of Arizona have developed a model of VY Canis Majoris, a red hypergiant that is quite possibly the largest star in the Milky Way.

They picked VY Canis Majoris as an excellent stand-in for the type of red hypergiants they were interested in learning more about.

However, on VY Canis Majoris, there are massive features that are similar to Earth's coronal arcs but a billion times more massive. .

When they have even more data, they'll be able to describe an even better model of what one of the largest stars in the galaxy looks like

And someday, far in the future, that model of what will happen to a red hypergiant might just get a chance to be tested when VY Canis Majoris finally, officially, dies

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