The Left Says Yes To Covid Lockdown, No To Stopping Gay Orgies - The Federalist

The Left Says Yes To Covid Lockdown, No To Stopping Gay Orgies - The Federalist

The Left Says Yes To Covid Lockdown, No To Stopping Gay Orgies - The Federalist
Aug 04, 2022 2 mins, 10 secs

Just recently, people were forced into isolation to reduce covid exposure, but the gay orgies that spread monkeypox continue unabated.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s, D-N.Y., demanding that people stay home, “‘I’ll do what I want’ — that could end up killing people.” He continued, “her conception that ‘America’ means doing whatever you want, even if it risks harming your neighbors.

Similar to how 1,000 health professionals demanded Black Lives Matter protests were worth the risk during the height of Covid, LGBT folks decided anonymous sex and fetish parades were more important than public safety.

Lecturing people not to have sex isn’t a public health strategy.

It didn’t stop HIV — it made it worse — & it won’t stop monkeypox.

Encouraging his fellow citizens in San Francisco to ignore the consequences of public sexual exploits, he happily proclaimed, “Awesome @SFAIDSFound guidance on monkeypox & fun.

In the middle of a growing monkeypox outbreak in the gay male community, he decided to attend two orgies in one weekend — sexually engaging with at least 20 and upwards of 40 men — hook up with three additional strangers later that evening, and enjoy a four-way the following day before discovering he had been infected with the disease.

1, “The monkeypox outbreak is an emergency & we need to use every tool we have to control it.

The World Health Organization urged gay and bisexual men to limit sexual partners to address the rapid spread.

Despite the above reports indicating that 95 percent of cases have been caused by sexual activity, LGBT people have moved from demanding the disease is not a “gay disease” and complaining of stigma and homophobia to indignantly complaining the government has failed to specifically protect gay people due to bigotry.

CNN quoted Samuel Garrett-Pate of Equality California, demanding, “We faced outbreaks that have turned into crises that have turned into epidemics and pandemics that disproportionately impact our community in the past, and unfortunately, in the past, public health entities starting with the CDC and FDA have not moved quickly enough or afforded these outbreaks and public health crises the urgency that they demand.”.

The police raided Orthodox Jewish homes to stop services and arrested pastors for holding church services, funerals weren’t allowed, and the media, especially LGBT media, mocked people for dying from Covid.

It really isn’t too much to ask for gay men to stop engaging in orgies and public sex events for their “mental health,” their “self-esteem,” and to continue “having fun.” This time around, truly selfish behavior is endangering the rest of us, and we shouldn’t be shamed for speaking out against it

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