The Outer Worlds’ First DLC Is Too Cynical For Its Own Good - Kotaku
Sep 14, 2020 1 min, 27 secs
Peril on Gorgon is a good excuse to return to the Outer Worlds’ retro-futurist dystopia.

Out last week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (it will arrive sometime later on Switch), Peril on Gorgon is the first of two planned DLC expansions, delivering a noir-esque mystery that surrounds an abandoned pharmaceutical plant and culminates in a tough choice between bad and worse outcomes.

On the other hand, Peril on Gorgon is one of The Outer Worlds’ more involved storylines, set on a dark asteroid filled with ominous ambient synth tracks and a rocky wilderness overseen by a dazzling night sky.

It also attempts to answer one of the biggest questions from the base game: Why do all of The Outer Worlds’ planets seem to be chock full of deranged “marauders” for you to kill?

Peril on Gorgon was no different.

The truth Peril on Gorgon later reveals is that the reason there are only faceless marauders left roaming the quiet factory floors is because a new drug that was being tested turned everyone into psychopaths.

The Outer Worlds is one giant parody of the profit motive, and in some ways Peril on Gorgon is its most unflinching exhibit, complete with a conveyor belt of meat cubes on their way to the incinerator showing the corporation’s former employees have literally been chewed up and spit out!

Like these games, The Outer Worlds’ caricature of corporate excess and malfeasance can feel outlandish and divorced from humanity.

Where Peril On Gorgon falls flat, similar to how The Outer Worlds as a whole left me cold, was in what it allowed me to do with this information.

how the hell is there already dlc for a game that doesn’t have a definitive release date yet

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