The Walking Dead Begins the End With More of the Middle - Gizmodo

The Walking Dead Begins the End With More of the Middle - Gizmodo

The Walking Dead Begins the End With More of the Middle - Gizmodo
Oct 03, 2022 1 min, 59 secs

When we last left our zany pals, Daryl, Maggie, Aaron, Gabriel, Negan, and his new wife Annie were being hunted by Hornsby and about a million Commonwealth troopers.

Back in the Commonwealth, Yumiko was Governor Pamela Milton’s lawyer, Carol was watching over the kids while also doing jobs on the side for Hornsby, and Eugene, Max, Magna, Kelly, and Connie were fomenting rebellion against the city’s wealthy elite, which culminated with Connie writing an article about Pam’s son Sebastian’s habit of sending the city’s “undesirables” out to die on various errands on him.

There’s a court system in the Commonwealth, so I’m unclear why they think this is an option.

I’m equally fine with Negan being sent to the Commonwealth to warn Carol and the others that Hornsby will almost certainly be radioing home and sending his secret goons to kidnap the kids.

Yumiko feels like she needs to stay in the Commonwealth even though as Pam’s lawyer the revolution will in all likelihood go poorly for her, and then Magna says she’ll stay if Yumiko stays?

But Carol and Negan hunt down Kingsley hiding in a secret room, passed-out drunk and urinating into mason jars, so they can safely escort him back to Pamela in exchange for the governor bringing Hornsby to heel.

Carol even says they should blame Hornsby for the deaths, which would take the heat off the Milton family entirely and squash the revolution in its tracks.

Pamela Milton just wants to stay in charge and live her life of luxury by exploiting the working class (which sucks, but is unfortunately no more a crime in the zombie apocalypse than it is in reality), but when faced with protestors, she initiates something called plan “B14,” which the show indicates is the following:?

Did she somehow have someone send the zombies to the Commonwealth, endangering everyone including herself, when she could just have her minions lie and say zombies were on the way?

It could, if the show decides to wrap up this Commonwealth business sooner rather than later and start laying the framework for the next several TWD series; maybe by showing us one of these evolved zombies we’ve heard so little about it, or giving us hints of how or why the hell Daryl ends up going to Europe in his spin-off.

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