The youngest exoplanet found by the Hubble telescope is the size of Jupiter (and still growing) -
May 03, 2021 1 min, 21 secs

The Hubble Space Telescope has peered out into the cosmos and spotted its youngest exoplanet yet, a giant world 379 light-years from Earth that's still growing.

Planets form as dust and gas, swirling around in a circumstellar disk surrounding their star, collides and condenses to slowly become a "ball." Far out in the constellation Centaurus, Hubble has spotted a planet still coming together.

In a new study, scientists took advantage of this unique opportunity to study a planet in its formative years like PDS 70b with Hubble's telescope eye.

"This is the youngest bona fide planet Hubble has ever directly imaged.".

The researchers were able to utilize Hubble's ultraviolet light sensitivity, which allows them to spot and measure radiation from the hot gas that falls into forming planets, the researchers directly measured the mass growth rate of PDS 70b. .

They also were able to directly image the planet and found that it seems to be coming to the end of its formation process. .

While Hubble has spotted over 4,000 exoplanets thus far, on about 15 have been directly imaged, according to the statement!

"We just don’t know very much about how giant planets grow," study author Brendan Bowler of the University of Texas at Austin, said in the same statement.

While studying PDS 70b,, researchers used a new technique that they think "paves a new route for further exoplanet research, especially during a planet's formative years," according to the statement

So, by removing the glare the team got a better look at the planet and they paved the way for future researchers to study planets that are closer to their host stars. 

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