This Mysterious, Indestructible 'Black Box' Will Tell The Future What Happened to Us - ScienceAlert
Dec 06, 2021 47 secs

The project, called Earth's Black Box, is a giant steel installation, soon to be filled with hard drives powered by solar panels, each of them documenting and preserving a stream of real-time scientific updates and analysis on the gloomiest issues the world faces.

"Unless we dramatically transform our way of life, climate change and other man-made perils will cause our civilization to crash," the Earth's Black Box website explains.

Part of the point of the exercise, the box's makers say, is to help nudge humanity away from doomsday-like scenarios, with the mere existence of the installation hopefully encouraging today's society to act more progressively and responsibly in terms of climate action and environmental stewardship.

While some might belittle Earth's Black Box as a PR stunt designed to capture people's attention – as opposed to a serious scientific documentation project – there's no doubting the world urgently needs more attention and action on these issues, no matter how those eyeballs are secured

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