Tillerson testifies he wasn't aware of indicted Trump ally's foreign policy advice - POLITICO

Tillerson testifies he wasn't aware of indicted Trump ally's foreign policy advice - POLITICO

Tillerson testifies he wasn't aware of indicted Trump ally's foreign policy advice - POLITICO
Oct 04, 2022 2 mins, 9 secs

The former secretary of State took the stand in the foreign agent trial of Tom Barrack.

NEW YORK — Former President Donald Trump’s first secretary of State took the stand Monday in the foreign agent trial of Trump’s longtime friend, testifying that he was unaware that real estate investor Tom Barrack was relaying nonpublic information about the Trump administration’s discussions to officials from a foreign government or that he was otherwise involved in Trump’s foreign policy deliberations.

government, and potentially the president himself, were aware that their client was backchanneling with the Emiratis, and during the trial they have asserted that Barrack was under the direction or control of no one but himself.

But Tillerson, who was called as a witness by federal prosecutors, testified that he was unaware that Barrack was privy to what he said were “sensitive” internal discussions, nor did he ever request that Barrack serve as a conduit between Washington and Abu Dhabi.

Kushner was engaging with the same government officials on the same issues I was engaging with them on and that those messages were not consistent,” he said on the witness stand.

He said that he was unaware Barrack had allegedly passed nonpublic information to someone outside of the government, but criticized such disclosures, saying that the U.S.

The former secretary said that he’d met Barrack for the first time in Barrack’s capacity as the chair of Trump’s inaugural committee.

Jackson highlighted the similarities between Tillerson’s activities while in the private sector and what prosecutors have painted as nefarious behavior by Barrack, such as meeting with top officials from various foreign governments4

But while Tillerson acknowledged that in many foreign countries it would be difficult to conduct business without engaging with top government officials — some of whom might hold significant business roles in addition to roles within that government’s national security apparatus — prosecutors sought to draw key distinctions between how Tillerson and Barrack conducted themselves in the private sector.

Unlike what prosecutors contend Barrack did, Tillerson never asked a foreign government for talking points ahead of a media appearance, sought edits from foreign government officials on op-eds he’d written or provided officials from a foreign government with nonpublic information about the U.S.

Lawyers for Barrack first signaled Tillerson’s likely testimony over the weekend, in a court filing urging that the government be compelled to produce Tillerson on Monday rather than Tuesday, given the court’s plans to adjourn early for Yom Kippur and prosecutors’ supposed contention that the former secretary would be unavailable past Oct

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