Tim Ryan voted for Dem bill that will raise taxes, despite calling for lower taxes - Fox News

Tim Ryan voted for Dem bill that will raise taxes, despite calling for lower taxes - Fox News

Tim Ryan voted for Dem bill that will raise taxes, despite calling for lower taxes - Fox News
Aug 16, 2022 1 min, 55 secs

Tim Ryan enthusiastically voted for the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, which analysis shows will increase taxes on the middle class, despite repeated calls for lowering taxes on the middle class.

Ryan has been outspoken about lowering taxes, especially on the campaign trail as he runs to take the open Senate seat in the Buckeye State.


Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who has repeatedly called for lowering taxes, voted for the Inflation Reduction Act last week, which is expected to increase taxes by billions of dollars according to the nonpartisan Joint Economic Committee (JEC).

"That’s why I’ll take on China to bring jobs back to Ohio and fight for a tax cut that puts more money into your pocket," Ryan said in a May ad.

Ryan voted for the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act while the bill made its way through the House, a bill whose critics warned it would raise taxes and potentially worsen inflation.

"I hear every day from Ohioans who are getting hammered by inflation, and it’s why I’ve been fighting tooth and nail in Congress to immediately get relief out the door," Ryan said in a press release. .

"The Inflation Reduction Act is a historic opportunity to bring down prices, reform our healthcare system, reduce our deficit and make historic investments in domestic energy production and manufacturing that will set our nation on the path to dominate the clean energy industry—all while not raising a penny in taxes on middle class Americans.".

"Best of all, this bill positions us to rebuild the great American middle class and finally create a level playing field for our workers to outcompete China," he continued!

Buckeye State Republicans had pointed words for Ryan over his vote, with Ohio GOP chairman Bob Paduchik calling the Democrat congressman "a liar and a fraud" in a statement to Fox News Digital

"Ryan has spent the entire general election pledging to fight for a working-class tax cut, but he just voted for a tax hike that will take billions out of the pockets of working-class Ohioans

"After saying for months he wanted a middle class tax cut he just raised them

Ryan is running against his own failed record because he can't run on it," DiFabio said

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