TiVo may ditch Android TV going forward as Google copies the Stream 4K’s biggest selling point - 9to5Google
May 07, 2021 52 secs

About a year ago, the TiVo Stream 4K dongle made its debut, bringing Android TV to all for an affordable price and with a neat piece of software that could recommend and organize content.

Now that Google has built features just like this into its Android TV platform, it sounds like TiVo is planning to turn away.

[…] moving into an embedded application, where we’ll be let’s say the preferred user interface choice on a broader platform but originally around the notion that it would live on top of Android TV.

The TiVo Stream 4K was only unique in the market because of TiVo’s recommendation and organization features.

TiVo technically has one more year to use regular Android TV, but even that version has been updated to push recommendations as well.

Android TV is a version of the Android platform which has been modified by Google to run on televisions with over 5,000 native applications

The platform is often found on devices from Nvidia, Hisense, and Sony, with operator devices also using Android TV

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