'Travel Therapy': Could a Vacation Help Mental Health and Well-Being? - Neuroscience News

'Travel Therapy': Could a Vacation Help Mental Health and Well-Being? - Neuroscience News

'Travel Therapy': Could a Vacation Help Mental Health and Well-Being? - Neuroscience News
Jun 24, 2022 1 min, 24 secs

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Lead researcher Dr Jun Wen said the diverse team of tourism, public health and marketing experts investigated how tourism could benefit those living with dementia. .

“This research is among the first to conceptually discuss how these tourism experiences could potentially work as dementia interventions.” .

“Everything that comes together to represent a holistic tourism experience, makes it easy to see how patients with dementia may benefit from tourism as an intervention.” 

“There will have to be more empirical research and evidence to see if tourism can become one of the medical interventions for different diseases like dementia or depression.  

Given tourism’s increasingly important role in society, a cross-disciplinary team of tourism and dementia experts provide insight into the potential benefits of tourism for individuals with dementia

Accordingly, a conceptual framework is proposed to highlight the nexus between tourism experiences and dementia interventions

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