Trump lawyer who was at Mar-a-Lago for FBI search describes the scene - CBS News

Trump lawyer who was at Mar-a-Lago for FBI search describes the scene - CBS News

Trump lawyer who was at Mar-a-Lago for FBI search describes the scene - CBS News
Aug 10, 2022 57 secs

Lindsey Halligan, a Florida-based attorney for former President Donald Trump, was at Mar-a-Lago and spoke with CBS News about the FBI search.

Monday that FBI agents were at Trump's Palm Beach home, Mar-a-Lago, and they had a search warrant.

She didn't witness boxes or documents being loaded onto the truck, though she did not dispute FBI investigators took material from Mar-a-Lago — Halligan just didn't see it. .

Sources told CBS News that the FBI did, in fact, take boxes and documents from Mar-a-Lago, but no electronics.

She said she spoke with Trump who expressed shock about the FBI search

He told Halligan that the Justice Department has an open line to his attorneys and said that he's instructed them to turn over responsive documents if they have them

Halligan said the search warrant was sealed, and because she had not been party to this aspect of Trump's legal portfolio until Monday, did not know what kinds of documents the FBI might be looking for nor what kinds of documents the former president keeps with him at Mar-a-Lago. 

There's never been an issue with compliance." Halligan said the search came as a "huge surprise."

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