Trump's ad strategy targeting senior citizens: I recovered from COVID-19 and so can America
Oct 17, 2020 1 min, 47 secs
US President Donald Trump on Saturday said he was "feeling great" as he made his first public appearance since returning to the White House after being treated for the coronavirus.

In one of President Donald Trump’s latest television ads, he emerges from Walter Reed Medical Center after his hospitalization to treat COVID-19 with his right fist raised.

The ads highlighted a priority in Trump's campaign advertising: responding to Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who has criticized the president as reckless and incompetent in handling the virus that so far killed 215,000 Americans dead and forced 30 million to file for unemployment.

The Biden campaign's fundraising advantage allowed the challenger to buy double or triple the television ads in key battlegrounds while outspending Trump nationwide.

Biden has spent $223 million airing television ads 356,366 times since April 9, according to the Wesleyan Media Project.

For comparison, Trump spent $161 million on 261,633 airings during the same period, the study found.

During September, Biden spent $153 million on television and radio ads, nearly tripling Trump’s $57 million, according to Advertising Analytics.

But outside groups narrowed the difference to $189 million supporting Biden and $127 million supporting Trump, according to Advertising Analytics.

11, Biden’s campaign spent nearly $56 million to air television ads 80,000 times while Trump’s campaign spent nearly $32 million to air ads 32,000 times, according to the Wesleyan study.

Trump’s most prolific television ad last week said he “delivered the impossible” and would continue to fight the country’s reliance on China, eradicate the coronavirus and make medicines in the U.S.

In online ads, Trump has outpaced Biden throughout the campaign, although the challenger is catching up in the closing weeks.

Trump has spent $165.8 million on ads on Facebook and Google since mid-April and $33.8 million since late September, according to the Wesleyan study.

For comparison, Biden spent $130.1 million on online ads since mid-April and $34.7 million since late September, according to the study

On Facebook, the Trump campaign attacked Biden for accomplishing nothing during “FOUR DECADES in the Washington swamp

Heading into the final three weeks of the campaign, Trump ads on Facebook warn "we cannot let Joe Biden win" and "we must stand against the extreme radical left."

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