Trump snubs Twitter after Musk announces reactivation of ex-president's account - Reuters

Trump snubs Twitter after Musk announces reactivation of ex-president's account - Reuters

Trump snubs Twitter after Musk announces reactivation of ex-president's account - Reuters
Nov 20, 2022 1 min, 6 secs

Nov 19 (Reuters) - Donald Trump on Saturday said he had no interest in returning to Twitter even as a slim majority voted in favor of reinstating the former U.S.

Trump's Twitter account, which had over 88 million followers before he was banned on Jan.

He said he would stick with his new platform Truth Social, the app developed by his Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) startup, which he said had better user engagement than Twitter and was doing "phenomenally well".

Musk first said in May he planned to reverse the ban on Trump, and the timing of any return by Trump was closely watched - and feared - by many of Twitter's advertisers.

He also said Twitter would not reinstate any banned users until there was a "clear process for doing so." read more.

If Trump returned to Twitter, the move would raise questions about his commitment to Truth Social, which launched on Apple’s App Store in February and Google’s Play Store in October.

Trump has some 4.57 million followers on Truth Social.

The European Union's antitrust chief said on Friday the tumultuous takeover of Twitter was an opportunity for the public to seek alternatives to the social network, praising though its blue-tick certification as helping media trustworthiness.

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