U.S., East Asian allies must boost cooperation as North Korean threat grows, ex-U.S. commander says

U.S., East Asian allies must boost cooperation as North Korean threat grows, ex-U.S. commander says

U.S., East Asian allies must boost cooperation as North Korean threat grows, ex-U.S. commander says
Oct 04, 2022 1 min, 46 secs

The military alliance with South Korea is the strongest defense partnership the U.S.

commander in the region, but the U.S., South Korea and Japan must improve “trilateral cooperation” to prepare more effectively for North Korean threats.

The tangled history between Japan and South Korea has complicated Washington’s attempts to coordinate security policy with its two key East Asian allies and present a united front to North Korea.

“It is critical for [South Korea], the United States and Japan to work together in areas of missile defense and intelligence,” Gen.

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and Japanese warships held their first trilateral anti-submarine drills in five years last month during a wave of North Korean missile tests, which were in apparent response to other joint military exercises by South Korean and U.S.

U.S.-led efforts to counter the North Korean threat have been challenged by simmering tensions between South Korea and Japan that date back to Japan’s colonial domination of the Korean Peninsula in the early 20th century.

Tensions rose so high in 2019 that South Korea threatened to cancel a key intelligence-sharing pact with Japan.

Japan subsequently announced trade sanctions on exports vital to South Korea’s technology sector.

Still, Japan and South Korea have upheld their three-way alliance with the U.S., and the tensions began easing this year in the face of increasingly aggressive North Korean ballistic missile tests and U.S.

Kishida is pushing for a dramatic expansion of defense spending that would give Japan the world’s third-largest military budget, after the United States and China.

military partnership with South Korea, which is home to Army Garrison-Humphreys, America’s largest overseas military base.

“This alliance between [South Korea] and the United States … from a military alliance perspective, I truly do believe is the strongest alliance that the United States has anywhere in the world,” he told “The Washington Brief.”.

He said defense spending is vital while North Korean leaders are “now talking about having tactical nuclear weapons deployed close to the border” with South Korea.

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