Ubisoft reportedly set to tease a battle royale called Hyper Scape - Eurogamer.net
Jun 29, 2020 2 mins, 1 sec

UPDATE 5.30pm: Hyper Scape is now official, albeit in just about the most scattershot way imaginable thanks to the slightly confusing blend of tease, announcement, and streamer reveal that Ubisoft has decided is the best way to sort-of-unveil its game this evening.

Read down, and there's some in-universe talk of its new product, Hyper Scape, which will be hosting the "the pulse-pounding action of Crown Rush" on the neon-drenched streets of the virtual city Neo Arcadia - with more to be revealed this Thursday, 2nd July.

It's a FPS Battle Royale from @UbisoftMTL launching on July 12th.

Hyper Scape is being built with streamers in mind in a full partnership with Twitch.

Twitch chat will supposedly influence some game mechanics.

In addition to all of that, various streamers and other sorts have also been posting (and occasionally deleting) a series of images relating to the game.

Journalist Kevin Sebastian has, for instance, shared a selection of new images and says Hyper Scape will be a free-to-play first-person battle royale game coming to PC in open beta on 12th July, with a console version due later this year.

Hopefully Hyper Scape will get a more illuminating unveiling this Thursday, 2nd July.

ORIGINAL STORY 2.51pm: Ubisoft is reportedly set to tease a brand new free-to-play first-person shooter battle royale called Hyper Scape.

Esports-focused reporter Rod "Slasher" Breslau took to Twitter to say Hyper Scape is in the works at Ubisoft Montreal (the home of Rainbow Six and Assassin's Creed), and is due out on PC and consoles.

The game goes into closed beta next week on PC, with an open beta planned for 12th July.

Sources: today Ubisoft will tease a new game code-named "Prisma Dimensions", which is actually a new AAA multiplayer fast-paced FPS Battle Royale from Ubisoft Montreal (R6, AC) named Hyper Scape pic.twitter.com/2hza3P7rz1.

Sources: Hyper Scape is being built with streamers in mind in a full partnership with Twitch with never seen levels of integration from a big game before.

Twitch chat will among other things be able to directly impact the game live with game-changing events pic.twitter.com/I37UUMo8rh.

Hyper Scape marks Ubisoft's entry into the super popular battle royale genre, which is dominated by the likes of Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends.

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