Ukrainian troops overrun Russian forces, break through lines in recently annexed Kherson: Live updates - USA TODAY

Ukrainian troops overrun Russian forces, break through lines in recently annexed Kherson: Live updates - USA TODAY

Oct 03, 2022 1 min, 0 secs

A Ukrainian counteroffensive that already has reclaimed thousands of miles is breaking through Russian lines in the southern Kherson region recently annexed by Moscow, Kremlin-installed officials said Monday.

25, a Russian court said Monday.

Petraeus, a retired four star general, said that if Putin used nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the U.S.

national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who last week revealed the Biden administration has made it clear to the Russians that they would face "catastrophic consequences'' if they used nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

Even though Ukraine is not a member of NATO, Petraeus said a Russian nuclear attack would be so "horrific'' that the U.S.

You don't want to, again, get into a nuclear escalation here,'' he said.

The lower house of the Russian parliament on Monday approved the treaties for four regions of Ukraine to join Russia. The unanimous vote by the State Duma came days after President Vladimir Putin and Russian-installed leaders of the four regions signed the treaties.

Kadyrov also called for the use of low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine to reverse the momentum of the war, which has been decidedly in Ukraine's favor in recent weeks

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