Ultra-close-up photos show the Sun like you’ve never seen it before - BGR

Ultra-close-up photos show the Sun like you’ve never seen it before - BGR

Ultra-close-up photos show the Sun like you’ve never seen it before - BGR
Sep 21, 2022 45 secs

Astronomers have finally captured the first images of the Sun’s chromosphere.

Where the James Webb space telescope is the most powerful telescope we’ve built to study the early universe, the Inouye Solar Telescope is the largest solar telescope ever built.

The telescope, which captured these first images of the Sun’s chromosphere, is operated by the National Solar Observatory.

They’re also absolutely beautiful, and being able to capture images of the Sun’s chromosphere is almost a miracle itself, especially when you consider the kind of precautions that need to be taken to look at the Sun with such powerful lenses.

That could help NASA, and other space agencies better prepare Earth for incoming solar flares.

These first images of the chromosphere are just a start, similar to how Webb’s first images were just a taste of what that space telescope is capable of.

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