Unreleased 'Dune' GBA Game Is Finally Available To Buy, But With A New Name - Nintendo Life

Unreleased 'Dune' GBA Game Is Finally Available To Buy, But With A New Name - Nintendo Life

Unreleased 'Dune' GBA Game Is Finally Available To Buy, But With A New Name - Nintendo Life
Oct 04, 2022 1 min, 35 secs

Following on from its Kickstarter campaign last year, Pixel Games UK has released the previously-cancelled Dune GBA game — called Frank Herbert’s Dune: Ornithopter Assault — on Steam under a brand new name.

Spotted by @TheSpaceShipper on Twitter (via Time Extension), the newly-titled Elland: The Crystal Wars launched yesterday on Valve's distribution service!

Publishers Pixel Games UK and Retro Room Games are also keen to keep the history of this game alive and noted down, as shown by the game's Steam page:.

"In 2001, development began on an ambitious Game Boy Advance game based on a popular franchise.

Experience the game now in this enhanced, emulated version."?

Obvious omissions to the IP aside, Elland: The Crystal Wars is a look back at something we missed all of those years ago.

Pixel Games UK seem to have made a reputation of bringing back long-lost, oft-forgotten games to Steam, such as the Actua sports games (thanks, Time Extension!), and this rerelease of the 'not-Dune' game is just another feather in this unusual cap.

The Steam version of Elland: The Crystal Wars isn't just a straight emulation or port with visual tweaks, however?

- Saving/loading the game at any point.

The game is available on Steam right now for £11.15 (thanks to a launch offer), but looking at it, it makes us all nostalgic for the GBA.

Well, you can also pick up a physical version of Elland: The Crystal Wars from The Retro Room's store.

Maybe, one day in the near future, we'll see the game make its way over to Switch?

Dig into the comments below and let us know if you'll be picking up Elland on Steam.

I'll probably either get the steam version or GBA Version.

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