Using Just His Thoughts, Paralyzed Man Texts at a Record-Breaking 16 Words a Minute - Gizmodo
May 12, 2021 52 secs
For the first time ever, neuroscientists have translated the cognitive signals associated with handwriting into text, and in real time.

The new technique is more than twice as fast than the previous method, allowing a paralyzed man to text at a rate of 90 characters per minute.

Brain signals induced by thoughts associated with handwriting were translated into text in real time, allowing a paralyzed man to text at a rate of 16 words per minute.

The project to develop the new handwriting brain-computer interface was led by Frank Willett, a research scientist at Stanford University, and supervised by neuroscientist Krishna Shenoy from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Henderson, a neurosurgeon at Stanford.

This research formed the basis of subsequent work that appeared later that year, namely a brain-computer interface that allowed people with paralysis to type at a rate of 40 characters, or roughly eight words, per minute.

Henderson said the rate of 16 words per minute is around three-quarters the speed of what’s typically seen among people above age 65 when typing on their smartphones.

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