ViacomCBS Puts Up A ‘Good Fight’ Against Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit-Threatening Alan Dershowitz; “Gratuitous Attack,” Lawyer’s Lawyer Says - Deadline
Jul 31, 2020 1 min, 51 secs

Despite having the Oscar-winning Reversal of Fortune made from his book of the same name, it seems Alan Dershowitz this week had to have the difference between fact and fiction painstakingly explained to him by one of ViacomCBS’ top lawyers over Jeffrey Epstein.

“If we understand your letter correctly, you are complaining about a line spoken by a fictional character, in an episode of the fictional series The Good Fight,” wrote the company’s Jonathan Anschell to Dershowitz’s attorney Imran Ansari on July 28 (read it here).

“You make this complaint on behalf of Professor Alan Dershowitz, a public figure who has long been associated with Jeffrey Epstein, and who has admitted on television to receiving a massage from a woman at Epstein’s mansion,” the Viacom EVP and general counsel adds of the acclaimed CBS All Access series.

Ansari had stated that “Professor Dershowitz requests that CBS promptly retract the defamatory content, cease and desist from further airing the defamatory content, and issue a public apology to Professor Dershowitz,” in the letter sent by the lawyer at Harvey Weinstein-representing Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins PC.

Literally drawing from a few seconds of dialogue in the hourlong and sometimes openly loopy drama, a fictional defense lawyer played by David Alford laments with a wink to real life to series stars Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald about being shown the door by Epstein in the past.

“We’re confident that no viewer would conclude that Professor Dershowitz is a shyster based on one line of opinion from a fictional character on the Series, as opposed to the real-life, factual publications that have called him exactly that,” ViacomCBS’ Anshell lobbied back in his own letter.

And, with the Sword of Damocles of the often litigiously and equally media savvy Dershowitz taking this to the courts hanging there, the lawyer for the Epstein-, Weinstein- and Donald Trump-representing ex-Harvard Law School professor volleyed back this afternoon.

First reported by Variety, the news of the correspondence dust-up comes as one-time real-life Epstein lawyer Dershowitz is seeking to further extract himself from association with the sordid matter of the now deceased private island-owning convicted sex offender!

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