'Watch Dogs: Legion': A politically minded video game where you start the revolution - CNN
Oct 28, 2020 1 min, 2 secs
On missions, you can use weapons like guns or crowbars or simply hide in a corner and send a drone to do the work.

Running into the military in "Watch Dogs" can get you killed (or arrested, depending on how you have customized your game settings.) At several points in the game, I was ambushed by multiple drones or angry militants that would shoot at me at any provocation.

Those fearful moments of fleeing work for the game and help the dystopian setting feel more convincing.

Real-life events

While the game was in development, events like Brexit, Black Lives Matter protests, the Hong Kong protests and the Covid-19 pandemic all shaped the final product of "Watchdogs."

"We first started working on "Watch Dogs: Legion" in 2015.

Back then, the kinds of themes we were looking at were themes of economic disparity, a thorough rise of authoritarianism, of privacy, of how technology influences our democracies," said Clint Hocking, the game's creative director, in an interview.

Ubisoft wants to champion "Watch Dogs" as a diverse and inclusive game, particularly after multiple company employees stepped down following allegations of sexual misconduct.

"Our team in particular has worked very, very hard on 'Watch Dogs: Legion' to make a game about diversity and quality and representation...

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