"Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega under fire by "Daredevil" TV producer for being - Marca English

"Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega under fire by "Daredevil" TV producer for being - Marca English

Mar 16, 2023 59 secs

Jenna Ortega, star of the hit Netflix series"Wednesday," has been criticized by veteran Hollywood producer and filmmaker Steven DeKnight for her on-set behavior.

Ortega admitted to changing lines in the script and behaving unprofessionally on set, actions that DeKnight called "entitled" and "beyond toxic."

DeKnight, who has worked on hit shows such as"Daredevil" and"Buffy the Vampire Slayer," said that while he loves "talking with actors about their lines/stories," sometimes stars "don't have the full pictures (in TV) of where the story is going and why some lines are needed for the whole to make sense."

Ortega, who is 20 years old, admitted on the podcast that she put her "foot down" on set, verging on being "unprofessional" for the sake of her Addams family character, of whom she was "very protective."

She said that her character taking part in a "love triangle" had "made no sense," and she repeatedly told writers, "No," to plot points - even at times "changing lines" herself in the script.

It quickly rose as the streaming giant's second-largest English-language show of all time, logging 1.02 billion hours viewed in the three weeks after its Nov. 16 debut, with more than 150 million homes watching.

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