‘Westworld’ Co-Creator Lisa Joy On Tonight’s Season 4 Finale Host Revolution, Who’s Really Dead & Season 5 – Crew Call Podcast - Deadline

‘Westworld’ Co-Creator Lisa Joy On Tonight’s Season 4 Finale Host Revolution, Who’s Really Dead & Season 5 – Crew Call Podcast - Deadline

‘Westworld’ Co-Creator Lisa Joy On Tonight’s Season 4 Finale Host Revolution, Who’s Really Dead & Season 5 – Crew Call Podcast - Deadline
Aug 15, 2022 2 mins, 12 secs

The season 4 finale of HBO’s Westworld wrapped up tonight after a melee between humans and hosts and more questions about who is alive and who’s in the virtual Valley of the Beyond.

Host megalomaniac Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) deposited one of the last host pearls we know, Dolores/Christina’s into the Valley of Beyond and sealed it up at Hoover dam, just like Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) advised?

The Valley of the Beyond is, well, like a heaven for hosts.

Survival or extinction,” continues Dolores/Christina, “This game ends where it began, in a world like a maze that tests who we are.

Joy tells us tonight her and husband/co-creator Jonathan Nolan haven’t received word yet of a season five renewal.

Teddy helped Christina see the light and realize she was the soul of Dolores.

Christina has an epiphany realizing that she’s a “program running things behind the scenes.” “Your thoughts are real…and the effect you can have on the world is real,” says James Marsden’s Teddy.

In regards to the world around, Christina says “It was me, I did it.

After Charlotte uploads Dolores’ pearl to Valley of the Beyond, Teddy gets all glittery, and Christina then wakes up from a dream and see the prairie version of herself.

“I’m here to tell you the truth about what we are; we’re reflections of the people who made us,” Dolores tells Christina?

“The Valley of the Beyond is sealed off from the world, and those hosts are safe, and Dolores is safe, well, Christina,” Joy tells us.

Charlotte Hale (and William) — Are they dead.

Seriously, there has to be a drawer of William and Charlotte pearls somewhere.  A drone host saves Charlotte’s slain body at the top of the episode and revives her (she was killed last Sunday).

When I find William, I want him to know it was me who killed him,” says Charlotte getting rebuilt by the drone hosts.

It won’t be long before every host is dead.

This isn’t the world you wanted, Charlotte, but the world you created, the question is what happens next?”.

But if you do crush your CPU like that; that is where the soul of the host resides, so to speak?

And what they found is when combining the mind and soul, let’s say, of a person’s CPU within an artificial body, like a body rejecting an organ donation, it tended to reject that body, and that’s why it would break down, and they can kind of stretch the breakdown for longer and longer periods

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