What Mars sounds like, and the rover's welcome party - CNN
Jan 18, 2021 1 min, 15 secs
When it lands, we'll be able to hear the sounds of Mars for the first time, thanks to microphones riding on the rover.

The NASA interactive compares sounds as we hear them on Earth versus how they may sound on Mars, like birds chirping or music.

One of the microphones is located on top of the rover's mast, so it can pick up natural sounds and even activity by the rover -- like when the rover's laser zaps rock samples and turns them into plasma to learn more about their composition.

It will open a new area of science investigation for both the atmosphere and the surface."

The Perseverance rover, tasked with the mission of hunting for signs of ancient life, and the Ingenuity helicopter, which will be the first to fly on another planet, are due to land on Mars on February 18.

That doesn't mean the planet hasn't been buzzing with activity from the robotic explorers NASA has sent to Mars in recent years.

3,000 days and counting

The Curiosity rover is still going strong and has been investigating Mars since it landed in 2012 -- and it has been 3,000 Martian days since Curiosity touched down on the red planet.

Geologists on the mission team were excited to see rocks that look like benches as Curiosity continues its ascent.

Since InSight began investigating Mars, the mission team members have learned more about the planet's crust and mantle.

During the extended mission, InSight will track seismic activity on Mars and study Martian weather.

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