What's on your desk, Tom Warren? - The Verge

What's on your desk, Tom Warren? - The Verge

What's on your desk, Tom Warren? - The Verge
Jan 18, 2023 52 secs

I have a background in IT, which I developed by working at a variety of investment banks as a project manager for bespoke software, Windows machines, and more.

My first proper job was working at a GAME retail store in the UK, selling Xbox and PlayStation bundles during Christmas time.

I looked at so many desks, but this was the one that really hit the perfect combination of size (to fit into the little nook in the room), standing flexibility, and build quality.

They’re probably a little overkill for secondary monitors, but I had one originally and upgraded to the Samsung, and then I decided to buy another secondhand to match the opposite side.

I stream to Twitch very rarely, but this setup is great for work calls, chatting to friends on Discord, and controlling smart devices in my home.

I really want to build a little den and snug area for my dog to sleep in under my desk, as he loves to come and hassle me to throw his ball all day long.

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