What the state's COVID-19 curfew means for Santa Clara County - San José Spotlight
Nov 20, 2020 2 mins, 0 secs

Despite a state-ordered curfew to curb COVID-19 spread starting this weekend, restaurants in Santa Clara County can stay open for takeout and people can still go out for walks?

When the overnight curfew ordered by the state starts at 10 p.m.

But unlike the last curfew in San Jose, enacted by the city during protests over the police killing of George Floyd in May, police say this time their response will be different.

Those counties, including Santa Clara County, are in the state’s purple tier, which is the most restrictive when it comes to reopening.

When it comes to enforcement, Aponte said San Jose police will focus on education, rather than citations.

A Santa Clara County spokesperson said each city’s police department will decide how to enforce the curfew.

Michael Low, a spokesperson for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, said “the curfew will be another tool deputies can use to enforce the law” but deputies will focus on more serious crimes in the community.

“We had just made the adjustments with the City Council to have our Al Fresco restaurants do service until midnight,” Knies said.

“From a business owner’s perspective, it’s just another challenge that’s going to hurt us,” said Randy Musterer, CEO of Sushi Confidential in San Jose and Campbell.

However, he said people are more likely to drink rather than eat in later hours, which is why he thinks the state ordered a curfew.

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Remember back in September when the Santa Clara DA refused to prosecute any of the curfew violators from back in May and June.

During the June 2, 2020 San Jose City Council meeting, many councilmembers expressed grave concerns about the curfew instituted by the City Manager, in the course of rioting, and the City Council voted to cut it short after a few days.

We’re changing the face of journalism by providing an innovative model for delivering independent news to the nation’s 10th largest city

We’re changing the face of journalism by providing an innovative model for delivering reliable, truthful news to the nation’s 10th largest city

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