Where are all of the consoles? How gamers are handling the global shortage - CNN
Dec 03, 2021 50 secs

"You definitely need intel to get a console," DeSantis told CNN Business.

"The supply chain issues that plague other consumer items are more even more pronounced for gaming consoles for a few reasons, namely the chip shortage, logistics backups and bots exploiting the supply and demand imbalance," Forrester tech analyst Alla Valente told CNN Business.

"We will try our best to meet demand for all of our products, depending on the current situation and any challenges related to shipping and supply chain management," a spokesperson for Nintendo told CNN Business.

"Our goal is to manufacture enough systems to fulfill demand, so that we can satisfy as many consumers as possible."

Similarly, a Microsoft spokesperson said Xbox Series X|S will continue to be restocked.

"A number of people started playing more video games during the pandemic and became interested in buying or upgrading their existing consoles," Assaf told CNN Business.

Assaf said he will continue to do his best to help connect consumers with a coveted console.

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