Why Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 2 Changed The Comic’s ‘Dallas’ Arc For Allison And Vanya - CinemaBlend
Jul 31, 2020 1 min, 20 secs
Major SPOILERS below for anyone who hasn't yet watched through most of The Umbrella Academy's second season.

For anyone who has a special place in their hearts for Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's Umbrella Academy comic book, Season 2 of the hugely popular Netflix series came almost completely out of left field, honing in on only certain elements from the second story arc dubbed Dallas.

Beyond adhering much of the season's central conflict to the JFK assassination, showrunner Steve Blackman and the creative team also seriously expanded on the character-specific narratives for both Emmy Raver-Lampman's Allison (Number 3) and Ellen Page's Vanya (Number 7).

It definitely would have been strange for The Umbrella Academy to use 1963 Dallas as its central setting without leaning into any of the social norms during that time period.

When Allison showed up in Dallas after Number Five's botched time-travel rescue at the end of Season 1, she realized she was stuck at a point in time prior to advances in the civil rights era, where Black citizens weren't served at certain establishments.

Even though Vanya and Sissy's story feels a little trope-laden at times, The Umbrella Academy deserves kudos for keeping most things grounded.

While chatting with Steve Blackman about these more touchy subjects, I asked if it was strange for him to have wrapped on Umbrella Academy's second season a while back, only to witness all the racially charged protests for police reform (among other things) that inevitably make Allison's Season 2 arc all the more relevant.

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