Woman says COVID left her with rare condition that makes food taste like 'garbage and sewage' - Daily Mail
Dec 03, 2021 2 mins, 44 secs

Two women who are battling symptoms of long Covid have opened up about how the condition has completely changed their lives - with one revealing that it causes all food to taste like 'sewage and garbage' while the other says she can't shower because the water smells like 'rotting meat' to her.

Natalia Cano, 20, from Mendham, New Jersey, caught coronavirus in January 2021 while she was working in a food store, and she said it completely changed her sense of taste and smell.

A few weeks after she recovered, she noticed that things that used to taste good started to taste like 'garbage and sewage', 'gasoline,' or 'mold' - signaling that he had developed a condition called parosmia. .

At first, Haydon had anosmia - where a person loses their sense of taste and smell - then later developed parosmia, just like Cano did. .

A 20-year-old who had COVID-19 said it's left her with a rare condition that makes food taste like 'garbage and sewage' - almost a year after she first tested positive for the virus.

A few weeks after she recovered, she noticed that things that used to taste good started to taste like 'garbage,' 'gasoline,' or 'mold' - a condition called parosmia.

Long COVID is no joke that terrifies me just as much as dying.

It's not just that foods taste wrong, I mean, it is that, but it's garbage dude, it's sewage,' she said in the video. .

'Now I can, sure, but I have a severe ED because it's not that everything tastes bad, it tastes like sewage.

This is a common trend among many people who suffer from 'long Covid', a condition where people still suffer from symptoms of the virus for months after recovery.

Katrina Haydon (pictured), 24, from Washington D.C., says she has trouble performing simple tasks like brushing her teeth and showering due to the parosmia she has suffered as a result of long Covid.

Pleasure's team has investigated more serious psychiatric cases of long Covid, like teens suffering from delusions, severe anxiety and attention issues so severe it affected their ability to complete school work.

Food became so disgusting to Natalia, that she said she developed an eating disorder and would throw up any time she tried to eat.

She said protein bars are 'sometimes the only things she can get down.' She also explained that a few foods still taste normal, like Arizona ice tea, Chai tea lattes, Dr.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Natalia explained that she actually developed parosmia a few weeks after she had already recovered from COVID

'It was a really common theme that we had developed really intense symptoms of parosmia a month or two months after we had initially gotten COVID,' she told the outlet

Haydon told Fox News that her symptoms of parosmia developed in September, and have remained ever since

Months later, she says that some foods taste and smell terrible for her - and even some basic daily tasks such as showering and brushing her teeth can be a problem.  

Haydon (pictured) said that she struggles with the smell of heat, and that the taste of toothpaste causes a 'physical reaction' in her

Some foods also have an unbearable smell for the woman

'Savory foods smell like rotting sewage

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