Woman suffers horrific burns after her husband accidentally set her on fire - Daily Mail
Oct 25, 2021 2 mins, 12 secs

A brave woman has revealed how she forgave her husband after he accidentally set her on fire in a horrific firepit accident that left her with agonizing burns all over her body - and seen her forced to undergo more than $2.9 million worth of reconstructive surgery.

Influencer Tonya Meisenbach, 48, from Atlanta, Georgia, recalls how she 'went up like a match' after her husband Donald accidentally poured lighter fluid on her while trying to set a fire in the garden of their home back in December 2018.

The mistake caused Tonya's arm, face, and hair to go up in flames - leaving her writhing in agony and with such severe burns that she had to be placed in a medically-induced coma for two months, in order to give her body time to heal.        .

Tonya was taken to the hospital immediately and while she was in her coma, doctors performed a series of extensive reparative surgeries, including a full face skin graft.

Agony: A 48-year-old woman was left with horrific burns all over her face and body after her husband accidentally set her on fire while trying to light a firepit in their backyard .

Devastating: Tonya Meisenbach, from Atlanta, Georgia, was enjoying an outdoor dinner with her husband Donald when he accidentally sprayed her with lighter fluid.

'I went up like a match': The accident left Tonya with such severe burns that she had to be placed in a medically-induced coma for two months while doctors rushed to save her life.

In total, Tonya spent six months in hospital - but even when she was released, she would return regularly for various surgeries.

Furious with himself for the accident, Tonya's husband Donald stayed by her side at all times, keeping a diary for her to read once she was taken out of the coma.

The hospital provided $2.3 million for her surgeries but were unable to pay any more – and Tonya had no insurance.

Recovery: While in her coma, Tonya underwent multiple operations, including a full face skin graft - and she has had to face many more operations in the months since she woke up .

Even my face is a full skin graft.

'While I was in hospital, my husband was angry with himself for the accident, and terrified of losing me.

Tonya and her husband were connected to Miriam Lazo Chavez, 52, a caretaker from Marietta, through a friend of a friend, and she has been Tonya's nurse and friend for over two years.

New perspective: Tonya always loved playing with makeup, but after her accident, she lost all her confidence and had to spend months working up the courage to show off her face?

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