Woman with monkeypox shares shocking story, slams sex 'misinformation' - New York Post

Woman with monkeypox shares shocking story, slams sex 'misinformation' - New York Post

Woman with monkeypox shares shocking story, slams sex 'misinformation' - New York Post
Aug 15, 2022 1 min, 11 secs

A Georgia woman diagnosed with monkeypox said she didn’t contract the “painful” virus via sex — and is using TikTok to fight “misinformation” about the disease.

Monkeypox, which is spreading across the US following an outbreak in Europe this spring, is primarily impacting gay and bisexual men, who account for about 98% of patients, according to NYU biologist Joseph Osmundson.

Seaton — who is the first female to be officially diagnosed in the Peach State — works as a gas station attendant and said she believes she contracted the virus while handling “dirty money” at her job, according to a now-viral video with more than a million views.

Seaton additionally told the publication that her monkeypox symptoms were serious, saying: “I was in pain literally all of the time.”.

At home alone, Seaton turned to social media to fight misinformation about the virus, sharing TikTok clips.

In the viral video, Seaton states: “I’m here to tell you again that sex is not the only way to contract this virus.

Meanwhile, after Seaton posted her now-viral video, many people took to the comments section of the clip thanking Seaton for raising awareness about the misconceptions surrounding monkeypox.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey & educating people re: your experience,” one stated.

While women make up a very small number of people contracting monkeypox, Seaton is not the first female to document her battle with the virus on TikTok

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