World's Most Powerful Moon Rocket Could Launch in Mere Weeks - IGN - IGN

World's Most Powerful Moon Rocket Could Launch in Mere Weeks - IGN - IGN

Aug 10, 2022 1 min, 20 secs

NASA hopes to launch the most powerful rocket ever created before the end of August.

Let’s take a look at the Space Launch System (SLS), what goes into setting the all important launch dates, and how you can watch the scientific uber missile lift off live for free.

When fully stacked with its Orion crew module it stands around 320 ft tall — the equivalent to 33 Lady Dimitrescus — and strikes an imposing solitary figure on the launch pad of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

In the run up to launch, testing of the rocket's many components threw up numerous design issues that had to be addressed before NASA could consider putting the rocket to use.

The stakes are high, and last month NASA revealed that it would attempt to launch its first SLS rocket — complete with an uncrewed Orion capsule — as soon as August 29th, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

If all goes well the SLS will catapult the crew capsule, along with its European-made service module, into space on an ambitious 38 - 42 day testing mission known as Artemis 1.

A huge amount of planning goes into selecting these dates, not only for the sake of the rocket, but also for the safety of the Orion capsule that will be the focus for the majority of the multi-week mission.

The flight also has to be planned in a way that will allow the capsule to briefly dip into Earth’s atmosphere upon return in order to slow its velocity before rising back up into space, like a stone skipping across the surface of a lake.

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