Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Sells Out In Japan Following Pyra and Mythra's Smash Announcement - Nintendo Life
Feb 22, 2021 7 mins, 23 secs

Everyone wants to know the Xenoblade lore, of course.

Could Xenoblade Chronicles 2 finally be getting the hype it deserves.

With just over 2 million sales worldwide since its 2017 release - take Breath of the Wild's 23 million sales as a comparison - it's still the best-selling Xenoblade game by about half a million?

As a result, copies of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are out of stock on Amazon Japan, and the US version of Amazon is running out of stock, too.

Perhaps, though, Nintendo is merely setting the stage for a whole new Xenoblade game - or a Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

She moved to Canada a few years ago, but gets tea imported from England, because she has good priorities.

I play Xenoblade for the plot.

Worked with Fire Emblem in Melee, it's going to work here.

Physical copies were already difficult to find as is since covid hit, and all the listings on eBay/Amazon are going for like $90+!

The best reason to play XC2 is to make you realise just how bloody good the original is in comparison.

It's not surprising.

I like knowing the lore of everyone in it (minus Steve)!

Out of the two different Xenoblade Chronicles 2 games, I must say:.

It’s a good game despite the awful character designs.

@weisske both were good , and similar for the most part , so clearly something else is horrendous.

Plugged 35 hours into this gem of a game before quitting because my nopon.

Tora wouldn'tt shut up, wish I could mute him, would've probably beat the game if it weren't for the constant chatter from him 😂 like his antics are funny for an hour max!

Glad it's getting the recognition it deserves.

Hopefully Nintendo port Xenoblade Chronicles X to Switch soon.

I feel that of all the Xenoblade games that one had me hook the most but sadly that one is on a system I can't take on the go.

@RadioHedgeFund That's like, your opinion...which I disagree with.

XC1 is good, but I like XC2 better.

I really adore Pyra's character design, but I couldn't stick with XC2.

I'm I the only one that wants to play the game.

Its probably the one switch game that made me think "boy am I glad I got a switch".

That said, it's still very much one of the weaker xeno games.

It's a really good game despite some of its character designs.

I think the world/combat system just really shine through.

I also ended up really like Pyra as a character.

It's just her design that is a little "eh, whatever", to me.

I’ve been wanting to play it as I finished the first one for the first time on switch, but didn’t want to play them back to back.

Can’t really find it anywhere in Canada which is disappointing.

I do think XCDE is an easier game to get into as it's not held back by the gacha system & field skill requirements (which are pretty big knocks against XC2), but in almost every other regard I like XC2 just as much if not more.

@nimnio To get blades (characters that function as weapons) you had to roll for them, kind of like a mobile gatcha game.

Best Xenoblade game (especially if you include the fantastic DLC expansion).

I really enjoyed XBC2 but it's messing with my OCD completing games.

@Pringles Those were the minorities nobodies who are mad because their favorite character didn't make the cut.

Nice to see it's getting a sales boost years later.

You can get some really awesome rare blades that come with their own side stories.

All the Xenoblade games are awesome in my opinion.

Really like this series.

XC2 and it's dlc are my favorite games from the monolith team, and that includes the games they made before becoming monolith like xenogears.

great news for another great game on the switch.

I can see why some people wouldn't like that.

I really hope the next Xenoblade game doesn't share the artstyle and whatnot with XC2.

Fingers crossed it's more along the lines of XC1 or XCX.

I'm not trying to talk down XC1 because it's a fantastic game and XC2 has its own issues like field skills and character design/personality but it's not such a clear case of "XC2 is trash compared to XC1" as the Internet tries to make one believe.

And Xc1 remake made it look more like XC2, so yeah.

@RadioHedgeFund I want to believe that, because I haven't played XBC2 and don't really plan to.

If Banjo was available on Switch I can only imagine how well those games would’ve sold after he was released, would’ve been absolutely nuts.

When there’s only a few character slots left, there’s a lot more pressure on every character, so having a fairly niche character like Pyra is gonna cause some confusion and disappointment?

I'm now on the lookout for XC2 Torna since I was recently alerted that it's out of print.

I really tried to give Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a chance, but I couldn't get past the awful combat system, and boobs that defied all known physics.

Bought Xenoblade 2 as my first Switch game.

This is my favorite RPG series.

The story bored me, though i heard it really picks up and bucks its early cliches later on.

I only made it 35 hours in before I wanted to put a gun in my mouth.

If you can overlook XC2’s anime tropes it’s actually really fun and has great music.

This is my favorite series of games.

To be honest, this game was the decisive reason to buy the Nintendo Switch?

Played 320 hours with the new game plus!

Kinda how melee introduced the western world to Fire Emblem, ultimate seems to be aiming to really bring Xenoblade some attention.

So what I can gather from the comments is that every Xenoblade game is the worst and best at everything.

A great JRPG that really shined brilliantly after about 30 hours into the game

I would advise watching a YouTube tutorial on the combat system since the game doesn't really explain it very well

Xenoblade Chronicles, and more importantly, the Xeno series as a whole, needed more representation in Smash

@nimnio Did you play xenoblade chronicles 2

The Xenoblade series is so good, that it deserves Zelda levels of sales

Like, the female mercenary teams up with the protagonist, and he says something like "Why would you want to help those people

Honestly my second favorite game of 2017, only being beaten by Nier Automata

First Xenoblade is my favorite Nintendo RPG though so...biased

Was thrilled to see Pyra/Mythra in Smash and am thrilled both Xenoblade games on Switch are getting more attention

XC2's narrative is good, but XC1's is better, imo

I mean, I guess that makes sense, but it's not that interesting nor believable

It's been done before; lol, I'm reminded of Super Paper Mario right now with Count Bleck

It works, but it's not very relatable to us as viewers, as this evil-driver-affects-blade's-personality isn't something that happens in our own lives

In the real world, I think people have a bit more chance to do good

When Malos dies, I found his words very touching, as he realized he may have had a chance to do good, too

Amalthos is a good villan, and I hate him so so so so so much, which is what a good villan can do

And even post-playing, I still love characters like Nia soooo much, as well as Morag and even Rex

But as a complete package, XC1 more effectively conveys a moving, well-designed story, and it's also the more polished game to boot, especially with definitive version

But both games, while playing, are insanely fun, as is XCX

It's a hell of a game

Of course plenty of losers online think it's nothing but anime fanservice without ever having played the game

My brother got gamefly for a bit and I played it and then it ended so I bought the game and then got lost and underleveled and stopped but today I started playing again, and then forgot to save and lost 2 hours of progress

@nimnio In the game you can unlock blades with different skills and rarity

However, they are locked behind an in-game gacha system so it's difficult to get who you want

xc is climax story and feel like classic rpg same as ff x, xc2 has better moral story but had some technical issue

Torna only improved on what was already a good foundation

I haven't been playing a whole lot of Nintendo games lately, but Pythra will drag me back into Smash for probably an embarrassing amount of time

Game journalist says it's "100%" happening

And it's 50 minutes long

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