Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: What Happened? - Men's Health

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: What Happened? - Men's Health

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: What Happened? - Men's Health
Nov 28, 2022 1 min, 46 secs

Episode 4 assembles what appears to be the core tensions for the remainder of the season—the killing of the park wolves, Kayce’s choice, Market Equities’ gloves-off approach to ruining the Duttons, and, once again, Beth’s infinite hatred for Jamie—with Beth and John (and Rainwater?) on one side and Market Equities, environmentalists, and perhaps Kayce and Jamie on the other.

The assault, however, does drive a further wedge between Beth and Jamie, which may prove fatal for one, and motivate John to seek outside help; there are only so many crises one rancher/governor/father/tired man without whiskey can put up with.

But instead of John fighting Rainwater and Broken Rock, he may be heading toward an alliance.

After spending the night in jail, Beth gets a visitor: Jamie.

Jamie’s reward for his legal cunning is an awkward-as-hell car ride back to the ranch with Beth, which ends in another assault.

As soon as the gets in, Beth notices a baby seat in back and asks Jamie if he has a baby.

Beth, who Jamie had sterilized after an abortion, immediately flies into a rage, attacking Jamie and promising to ruin him and his son.

(*John voice* Jesus Beth.) And so the tiresome Beth Hates Jamie storyline enters its most charged chapter.

Jamie almost grows the balls to run Beth over with his car, but doesn’t.

Suddenly without advisors, John asks for advice.

An NGO (representing all evil environmentalists) is likely to come after John for the killing.

John and Beth watch from afar.

John scolds Beth for her volatility.

Beth tells John that if she dies, she wants to be cremated and scattered.

After the funeral ceremony, John talks with Rainwater, who asks John to come to the reservation and meet with him.

Though he has not yet told John, Rainwater is facing political pressure and may soon be disposed.

John doesn’t yet know it, but Jamie is vulnerable to betrayal.

Beth, having followed Jamie to the bar, follows the two into the bathroom and discretely takes Sarah’s wallet, snapping a picture of her fake ID.

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