You Should Try DuckDuckGo's New Tracker Protection on Android, No Matter What Browser You Use - Lifehacker
Nov 24, 2021 52 secs
If you’re on Android, DuckDuckGo wants to help.

You might know that Apple introduced a solution to this problem starting with iOS 14.5; the feature, App Tracking Transparency, requires apps to ask your permission before tracking you “across other companies apps and websites.” You can simply disable the ability for these apps the request at all, effectively cutting off their ability to deploy app trackers throughout your iPhone.

Instead, you might want to give DuckDuckGo a try; the company recently announced a new App Tracking Protection feature for its Android app in an effort to combat the scummy tracking practices companies are pushing on Android.

The app doesn’t require you to actually use it in order to get App Tracking Protection benefits.

When DuckDuckGo sees that one of your apps is about to send your data to a third-party tracking company, it stops that request in its tracks.

While it can’t prevent trackers from attempting to request this data in the first place, it can block the request before any data is shared.

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