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By analyzing epidemiological data, Professors zur Hausen and de Villiers and their team have discovered a link between the consumption of dairy cattle’s meat and milk and several types of cancer. Specifically, it was found that countries consuming red meat mostly from Eurasian dairy cattle origins have high incidences of breast and colon cancers, with the exception of Mongolia.

The team’s studies in Mongolia support the suspicion that species-specific factors should be more important, possibly linked to specific breeds of cattle.

Cow milk (bovine milk) and beef (bovine meat) have always been an important part of human diet, and they have brought undoubted health benefits to the human race for millennia.

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While the scientists were not able to find a clear reason as to why snoring could lead to erectile dysfunction, they suggested that sleep apnoea could cause a dip in testosterone levels in men, and deplete their oxygen levels too, which are both needed to produce erections. 



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And coincidentally, it's submillimeter radiation that the Event Horizon Telescope gathers to make its black hole images — which means that EHT scientists are detecting the signal of the underlying black hole and that of the flare.

"This is the worst thing that can happen to imaging a black hole, because you don't want to observe a variable source," Yusef-Zadeh said.

"You need to take out the variable component to really construct a proper image of the source itself.".

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A total of 36 galleries and their associated passageways have now been found at Chavín de Huántar over 15 years of excavations, but this latest network was detected only a few years ago and was not explored until this year, Rick said.


Archaeologists think Chavín de Huántar was a religious center for the mysterious Chavín people, who lived in the northern and central parts of what's now Peru between 3,200 and 2,200 years ago, according to Encyclopedia Britannica (opens in new tab).

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That difference might not sound like a lot, but it resulted in most of North America and Eurasia being covered in ice sheets.

Earth was also much drier, and sea level was much lower, since most of the Earth’s water was trapped in the ice sheets.

Steppes, or dry grassy plains, were common.

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The fact that these recovered Asgard viruses display characteristics of both viruses that infect eukaryotes and prokaryotes, which have cells without a nucleus, makes them unique since they are not exactly like those that infect other archaea or complex life forms.

“The most exciting thing is they are completely new types of viruses that are different from those that we’ve seen before in archaea and eukaryotes, infecting our microbial relatives,” said Baker, associate professor of marine science and integrative biology and corresponding author of the study.

The Asgard archaea, which probably evolved more than 2 billion years ago and whose descendants are still living, have been discovered in deep-sea sediments and hot springs around the world, but so far only one strain has been successfully grown in the lab.

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A new video released by the European Space Agency (ESA) on Monday (June 27) shows the crater-riddled surface of the solar system's smallest planet Mercury as captured during a super close flyby of the BepiColombo spacecraft. .

BepiColombo, a joint mission of ESA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), is currently on a seven-year cruise through the inner solar system, using the gravity of planets including Mercury, Venus and Earth to slow down so that it can enter Mercury's orbit in 2025. .

The Mercury flyby, which took place on Thursday (June 23), was BepiColombo's second at the scorched, rocky planet that will be its ultimate destination.

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Publisher Microids and Gear.Club series developer Eden Games have announced racing game Smurfs Kart for Switch.

Choose your Smurf—each one having their own kart and unique ability—and take part in wild races!

Start off strong, find shortcuts, use the right items at the right time to pass your opponents and become the village’s best kart driver!

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Fallout: London is set 50 years before the events of Fallout 4 and is aiming to create a grittier experience that emphasizes the use of melee weapons over firearms.

You can see more of what Fallout: London has to offer in the video below, which shows off surviving British landmarks such as Big Ben and the Tower of the London?

Bethesda's Todd Howard recently confirmed that the studio plans to work on Fallout 5 once The Elder Scrolls VI has been completed, which will be worked on after Starfield arrives in 2023

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Go back one page and select how you’d like to share the note with someone else.

As long as they have an Apple ID, they will be able to access your note.

We went with iMessage to share the note.

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Google Contacts has rolled out its latest redesign, which trades in a simple list of details for neatly organized cards.


Last year, Google Contacts was the first app from the company to get a major update to the Material You design language.

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As most of the reviews indicated, it’s virtually the same as the previous-generation M1 MacBook Pro, just with an M2 chip inside.

The similarities between the two machines prompted YouTuber Luke Miani to see if he could simply swap the chip between the two machines.


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Full time volunteers are paid a salary, while part-time volunteers who work on translation and community moderating are paid in participation certificates and game codes.

However, the studio also encouraged these unpaid workers to “offer unique skills to improve our projects or create new special features.”.

The studio explained to Well Played that the unpaid aspect “does not relate to code writing or development itself… just things like localization and moderation.” Apparently, those jobs aren’t considered to be a part of game development at Fntastic, even though they very much are at AAA studios.

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Google this morning surprisingly released Android 13 Beta 3.3 for Pixel phones almost two weeks after the last release, which was already rather sizable, for a continuation of the patch-heavy cycle.


Android 13 Beta 3.3 again “includes the latest stability and performance improvements and the following bug fixes.” A trio of the patches are somewhat related to connectivity:.

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The list includes features added to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro over the last few years, as well as features rumored for the iPhone 14 Pro, which Apple is expected to announce in September as usual.

Given the vast number of improvements and changes since the iPhone 11 Pro, this list is far from comprehensive, but it does highlight most major features.

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In a separate tweet, Bogut also referred to Jenner as an “elite rebounder.”.

Bogut’s initial tweet received a mixed reaction from fans, with one person writing, “Did you really reach this far just to slander a woman.

You’re supposed to be Australian and not a yank – don’t be like them.”.

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“I wouldn’t leave my room and I started getting really, really, really dark.

Megan went to Bulgaria to shoot a movie and I started getting this really wild paranoia.

Like, I kept getting paranoid that someone was gonna come and kill me,” MGK, 32, recalled.

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The exact origin of the rocket body, a piece of space junk that had been careening around for years, is unclear, so the double crater could help astronomers determine what it was.

The moon lacks a protective atmosphere, so it's littered with craters created when objects like asteroids regularly slam into the surface.

This was the first time a piece of space junk unintentionally hit the lunar surface that experts know of.

But craters have resulted from spacecraft being deliberately crashed into the moon.

For example, four large moon craters attributed to the Apollo 13, 14, 15 and 17 missions are all much larger than each of the overlapping craters created during the March 4 impact.

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The overturning of Roe set off waves of triumph and of despair, from the protesters on either side massing in front of the Supreme Court, to abortion clinics and crisis pregnancy centers.

Over the weekend, anti-abortion forces vowed to push for near-total bans in every state in the nation, and abortion rights groups insisted they would harness rage over the decision to fight back in the courts.

See our updates from Sunday.

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Bennie Thompson said last week that Ginni Thomas said she would appear before the committee, although it was unclear under what format

"We'll have to set through the parameters," Thompson told reporters on Friday

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Those lucky enough to make it into the showroom got a first look at the set of COMME des GARÇONS Homme Plus x Nike Terminator Highs set to release SS23.

Originally debuted in 1985, the collaboration is set to release in three classic colorways: “Black/White,” “Blue/White” and “Red/White.”.

COMME des GARÇONS Homme Plus x Nike Terminator Highs feature premium leather uppers with white bases contrasted by color overlays.

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She's getting hit up by scores of folks who need a lawyer, and we're told there's one high-profile potential client who's close to going to trial, and she's interested in the case.

As we reported, Camille was hailed as "Wonder Woman" on her way to NYC ...

jumping to aid a passenger who was suffering a medical emergency on her flight.


Stars use BET Awards to criticize Roe v. Wade ruling: 'F--- you Supreme Court'
22 hours ago
Stars use BET Awards to criticize Roe v. Wade ruling: 'F--- you Supreme Court'
55 secs


Janelle Monae criticized the Supreme Court, holding her middle finger up as she read the nominations for best female R and B/pop artist.

(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello).

"F--- you Supreme Court," Monae added.

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2022 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights
1 day ago
AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2022 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights
2 mins, 32 secs


Notable Moments and Observations.

The first match on the main show featured Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Minoru Suzuki taking on Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta and Shota Umino.

As always, Tay Conti was by Guevara's side.


Apple's 12 Most Embarrassing Product Failures
15 hours ago
Apple's 12 Most Embarrassing Product Failures
3 mins, 45 secs


The Apple III was the first computer not built by Wozniak, who wrote in his 2007 book iWoz that the Apple III failed because it was “not developed by a single engineer or a couple of engineers working together.

It was developed by committee, by the marketing department.”.

10 / 14.

Diablo Immortal release in China reportedly in jeopardy after Blizzard Weibo account insults Xi Jinping
1 day ago
Diablo Immortal release in China reportedly in jeopardy after Blizzard Weibo account insults Xi Jinping
33 secs


According to translations of the post, the official Diablo Immortal Weibo account apparently insulted Xi Jinping, the leader of China, in a mixup of epic proportions.

The post reads “Why isn’t (Winnie) the bear going out of office yet?” and makes reference to Winnie the Pooh, which Xi has been compared to in the past.

The Chinese leader isn’t fond of these comparisons, which has been cause for various games and media being banned in the past.

Did I make it harder to sell your crappy, used crypto mining graphics card? Good
1 day ago
Did I make it harder to sell your crappy, used crypto mining graphics card? Good
5 mins, 14 secs


With crypto miners buying up all the best graphics cards to endlessly run ether hashing algorithms, there's been nary a GPU for the many gamers out there, even to the point that Nvidia was forced to implement new software and hardware tricks to try to limit the hash rate of their graphics cards to make more supply available to gamers who were left out in the cold.

Even that effort was stymied by crypto miners hell-bent on easy money at the expense of the environment.

So now that the crypto bubble has popped and everyone is scrambling to sell the graphics cards they spent thousands of dollars on in an attempt to break even, some did not take kindly to my suggestion that the best possible outcome is that crypto miners get absolutely soaked.


'I was a Jane Doe': Amtrak train crash mom on surviving the commute from hell
3 days ago
'I was a Jane Doe': Amtrak train crash mom on surviving the commute from hell
1 min, 23 secs


The evening of the fateful crash, Ritter was seated in business class which occupied the first car on the train.

Her husband texted that one of her three sons, Steven, 8 at the time, had done well at baseball practice earlier that evening.

Then she stood up to get something from her briefcase and realized something was off.


The Flu Vaccine May Help Keep Alzheimer's at Bay
9 hours ago
The Flu Vaccine May Help Keep Alzheimer's at Bay
49 secs


During the study period, 8.5% of unvaccinated adults were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or received medication often used to manage it, compared to 5.1% of vaccinated individuals—about a 40% lower relative risk.

There also appeared to be a cumulative effect, such that people who consistently got vaccinated annually during the study period were the least likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

The findings were published online this month in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

I thought I needed glasses — but it was a deadly brain tumor emergency
11 hours ago
I thought I needed glasses — but it was a deadly brain tumor emergency
51 secs


Ellie Musgrove was left stunned after a routine optometrist appointment ended with her being rushed into emergency surgery the same day — for a deadly brain tumor.

The 21-year-old British woman noticed her vision was impaired with black spots before she visited her eye doc for a checkup back in March.


Can you lose weight by walking?
1 day ago
Can you lose weight by walking?
1 min, 54 secs


If you are burning calories by walking, you won’t need to overly restrict your diet, which means you’re more likely to be successful in losing weight long term.” .

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition (opens in new tab) found that ‘moderate walking enhances the effects of an energy-restricted diet on fat mass loss’.

Chapman says: “An energy-restricted diet means the same thing as being in a calorie deficit, so this shows that walking could speed up the weight loss process when in a calorie deficit.”.


At least 13 killed in Russian missile strike on shopping mall, Ukraine says
7 hours ago
At least 13 killed in Russian missile strike on shopping mall, Ukraine says
1 min, 18 secs


KREMENCHUK, Ukraine, June 27 (Reuters) - Two Russian missiles slammed into a crowded shopping centre in the central Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk on Monday, killing at least 13 people and wounding 50, the regional governor said.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said more than 1,000 people were in the shopping centre at the time of the attack, which witnesses said caused a huge fire and sent dark smoke billowing into the sky.

A Reuters reporter saw the charred husk of a shopping complex with a caved-in roof.

Credit Suisse found guilty in cocaine cash laundering case
10 hours ago
Credit Suisse found guilty in cocaine cash laundering case
1 min, 31 secs


Corruption and money laundering experts had said the fact that Switzerland had taken legal action against a global banking player like Credit Suisse could send a powerful message in a country famous for its banking industry.

"This has the potential to be a watershed moment for Switzerland," Mark Pieth, a money laundering expert at the University of Basel, said on the eve of the trial.

"What is significant about this case is that Switzerland is taking legal action against a company and not just any company - Credit Suisse is one of the jewels in the Swiss crown.".

U.S. stocks drift lower after strong durables data
17 hours ago
U.S. stocks drift lower after strong durables data
51 secs


stocks struggled for direction Monday, trading near unchanged, as investors weigh stronger-than-expected data on durable-goods orders after equities bounced last week on expectations a slowing economy could limit the magnitude of Federal Reserve rate increases.

Last week, the S&P 500 jumped 6% to snap a three-week losing run.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 5%, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite gained 7%.


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