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The Unforgivable is set for a theatrical release on November 24th, followed by its worldwide streaming debut on Netflix on December 10th


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Fans took to Twitter to question the star about the priority sign-up, as they were previously promised 'first access to purchase tickets' after she cancelled her tour in 2017 due to 'damaging her vocal chords'.

Twitter users flooded the comments under her announcement, all with much the same viewpoint: 'Why aren't the people with cancelled tickets getting priority as promised.

Come on.' .

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The countdown continues for the premiere next month of Cowboy Bebop, the Netflix live action adaptation of the popular anime series.

The streaming giant just dropped the full official trailer for the ten-episode series.

 As we've reported previously, the original anime series premiered in 1998.

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“Due to concerns about the potential violent nature of the game, it is inappropriate for recess play or discussion at school,” the letter sent to Mott Road Elementary School parents reportedly said.

“Additionally, a Halloween costume from this show does not meet our school costume guidelines due to the potential violent message aligned with the costume.”.

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You might know that the size of the pupils in our eyes changes depending on how well lit our environment is, but there's more to the story: Scientists have now discovered that the pupil also shifts in size depending on how many objects we're observing.

The more objects in a scene, the bigger the pupil grows, as if to better accommodate everything that it has to look at.

This "perceived numerosity" is a simple and automatic reflex, the new research shows.

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The deaths reported Tuesday involved an Anchorage man in his 50s; a man and a woman from Anchorage in their 60s; two women and one man from Anchorage in their 80s or older; a Fairbanks man in his 50s; a Fairbanks man in his 80s or older; a man and a woman from North Pole, both in their 70s; and a nonresident in his 50s who was diagnosed with COVID-19 in Fairbanks.

[Alaska Railroad rescinds employee vaccine mandate just days after announcing policy].

A total of 688 residents and 26 nonresidents in the state have died with the virus.

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The secondary payload on STP-3 is a U.S.

Space Force small-satellite deployer system called Long Duration Propulsion ESPA-1 (LDPE-1).

This is a propulsive ESPA ring (EELV Secondary Payload Adapter) holding up to six payloads.

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Juvenile white sharks are responsible for the majority of bites on swimmers.

How to stay safe from sharks.

Swimmers beware: Hungry sharks do think you're food.

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The company on Tuesday unveiled Palm Buds Pro, which feature active noise canceling, environmental noise canceling and an "emphasis on studio grade audio and enhanced bass," according to a release. .

Palm Buds Pro are available for preorder at a discounted price of $99 for a limited time, a $30 savings from the standard $129 price tag.

Customers can also get the Palm Buds Pro Silicone Case for $15, a $10 savings.

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Blizzard - which remains embroiled in a messy legal battle following the State of California's lawsuit alleging sexual discrimination, harassment, and a "frat boy" culture at the company - has announced it will "pause" next year's BlizzConline as it looks to "reimagine" the event.

BlizzConline - which debuted this February as a digital-only replacement for Blizzard's annual BlizzCon live event in response to the coronavirus pandemic - was due to return "early" in 2022 after the company opted to cancel BlizzCon for a second year running back in May.

Now however, Blizzard has announced it's made the "tough decision" to "take a step back and pause on planning" of next year's BlizzConline.

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Democrats, including President Biden, are lobbying for Senator Joe Manchin III’s support, knowing he is a crucial swing vote on their domestic agenda.

By Emily Cochrane.

WASHINGTON — Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia had breakfast with President Biden at his home in Wilmington on Sunday, hashing out concerns about the expansive domestic policy bill taking shape in Congress.

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Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a moderate who had opposed raising the corporate tax rate, said the proposal unveiled on Tuesday represented a "common sense" step toward ensuring that highly profitable companies pay what she called a "reasonable minimum corporate tax" on their profits.

Democrats had shifted their plans on taxation in the face of Sinema's opposition to raising the corporate tax rate and the top personal income tax rate to pay for the hefty spending plan, which is a pillar of Biden's domestic agenda.

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Of course, over a year ago, 15 former team employees alleged sexual harassment in the organization and led to a full investigation by the league, which resulted in the Washington Football Team being fined $10 million for its "highly unprofessional" environment

Meanwhile, Daniel Snyder stepped down from running the day-to-day operations of the team. 

While the league did conduct an investigation, only a summary was released instead of a full-scale report, which was done for various other NFL investigations (ex. Deflategate). 

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lost more than a quarter of its market value and took other internet stocks down with it last week, there were fears that Apple’s recent privacy changes would upend the entire internet advertising market.

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Excessive drinking prompting a spike in liver transplants

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As of Monday, Biden had an approval rating of 43.5 percent and a disapproval rating of 50.6 percent, according to a poll of polls created by data website FiveThirtyEight.

Just days before that, on Friday, the Democrat's approval rating sunk to a new low of 43.4 percent, and his disapproval rating reached 50.7 percent.

Biden's approval rating was closer to 53 percent and his disapproval rating was 36 percent when he first took office, according to the website.

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The Japan Communists, however, prefer a diplomatic approach and are strongly opposed to the substantial American military presence in Japan, a position that makes it an outlier among Japanese political parties.

During a recent rally in front of the bustling Shinjuku station in central Tokyo, candidates for Komeito warned a small group of potential voters that the differing views of the J.C.P.

and its political partners on national defense would make it impossible for them to govern competently.

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Kun napsautat Hyväksy kaikki, suostut siihen, että Verizon Media ja kumppanimme tallentavat ja/tai käyttävät laitteesi tietoja evästeiden ja muiden vastaavien tekniikoiden avulla sekä käsittelevät henkilökohtaisia tietojasi ja henkilötietojasi tarkoituksenaan näyttää mukautettuja mainoksia ja sisältöä sekä suorittaa mittauksia mainoksille ja sisällölle, saada tietoja kohderyhmästä ja kehittää tuotetta paremmaksi.

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Joan Rivers had a life like no other,” the original logline for “The Comeback Girl” had teased.

“At age 54, she was a superstar comedienne … and then it all fell apart.

THE COMEBACK GIRL is the awe-inspiring untold story of how Joan Rivers persevered through near suicide and professional abyss to rebuild herself and her career to become a global icon.”.

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News the newly engaged couple wants to have a baby together and is "hoping to be expecting by next year.".

The insider says Kourtney and Travis "both love kids," with another separate source saying, "They would love nothing more than to have a baby together.

Kourtney has always wanted another baby and never felt like she was done.".

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Margulies is, of course, one of many stars to chime in on the discourse over casting actors who may not identify as LGBTQ in queer roles

Darren Criss, who won an Emmy for his portrayal of gay serial killer Andrew Cunanan in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” said in 2018 that he will no longer play queer characters in order to make space for LGBTQ actors in the industry

Benedict Cumberbatch and Kristen Stewart, however, feel differently on the matter

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Sahl and his second wife had a son, Mort Jr., who died in 1996 of a drug overdose.

No immediate family members survive

Though he never reclaimed his central place in the entertainment firmament, Mr


TED NUGENT Says He Is 'Praying' For 'Nasty, Rotten Prick' ALEC BALDWIN Over Fatal Prop Gun Shooting
14 hours ago
TED NUGENT Says He Is 'Praying' For 'Nasty, Rotten Prick' ALEC BALDWIN Over Fatal Prop Gun Shooting
1 min, 19 secs


So as big of a prick as Alec Baldwin is, we're actually praying for the prick, because I know he's hurtin'.

Nobody wants to kill anybody in an unnecessary moment like that.".

The outpoken conservative rocker and avid hunter, who is the national spokesman for pro-hunting lobbying group Hunter Nation, continued: "When I did the 'Miami Vice' episode, I had a prop gun that happened to be the exact replica of the Taurus brushed nickel nine-millimeter that I carried at the time.

No 'Squid Game' costumes in some NY schools due to show's violence
14 hours ago
No 'Squid Game' costumes in some NY schools due to show's violence
37 secs


Three schools in the New York Fayetteville-Manlius School District — Mott Road, Enders Road and Fayetteville elementary schools — added "Squid Game" costumes to a list of prohibited outfits after some students played versions of the children's games in the shows during recess, CNYCentral reported.

"We have observed that some students at recess have been playing a version of the squid game which is intended for mature audiences, ages 16 and older," the elementary school principals wrote in an email to parents, citing the CNYCentral report.

"Due to concerns about the potential violent nature of the game, it is inappropriate for recess play or discussion at school," they continued.

Man Agrees to Plead Guilty to Fentanyl Distribution in Connection With Mac Miller’s Death
16 hours ago
Man Agrees to Plead Guilty to Fentanyl Distribution in Connection With Mac Miller’s Death
49 secs


On or about the September 4, 2018, in Los Angeles, California, within the Central District of California, [Stephen Andrew Walter] knowingly and intentionally directed Ryan Michael Reavis to distribute fentanyl in the form of counterfeit oxycodone pills, to Cameron James Pettit.

[Walter] knew that the pills that he directed Reavis to give to Pettit contained fentanyl or some other federally controlled substance, and at all relevant times intended for Reavis to distribute the pills to Pettit.

Later that evening, at [Walter]’s direction, Reavis delivered the pills to Pettit.


Blizzard cancels 2022 BlizzCon amid harrassment scandal fallout
16 hours ago
Blizzard cancels 2022 BlizzCon amid harrassment scandal fallout
52 secs


Following an online-only BlizzCon earlier this year, Blizzard announced in May that its annual, announcement-packed convention for 2022 would be "combining an online show along the lines of our recent BlizzConline with smaller in-person gatherings." Today, though, the company says it is "tak[ing] a step back and paus[ing] the planning" for that event.

In a post titled Reimagining BlizzCon, the company says that the all-hands-on-deck focus needed to pull off a show on the magnitude of BlizzCon just wasn't the right fit for the company at this point:.

Any BlizzCon event takes every single one of us to make happen, an entire-company effort, fueled by our desire to share what we create with the community we care about so much.

Overwatch Battletag Changes Free Following McCree Controversy
1 day ago
Overwatch Battletag Changes Free Following McCree Controversy
24 secs


Blizzard recently announced that Overwatch players will be able to change their battletags for free through next Friday, November 5.

The news comes shortly after the reveal that original Overwatch character McCree becomes Cole Cassidy this week.

Previously, changing one’s Overwatch username required a $10 fee.

Sony Xperia Pro-1 Leak Reveals Interesting Details About Sony’s Upcoming Flagship Phone
2 days ago
Sony Xperia Pro-1 Leak Reveals Interesting Details About Sony’s Upcoming Flagship Phone
32 secs


Still, that does not stop Sony from releasing their best phones, and the latest one is the Sony Xperia Pro-1, or at least that is what it is being called at the moment.

Although there is little known about the phone, we have got our hands on a couple of leaked renders that point out some exciting details about the upcoming Xperia Pro-1.

The sources that shared these renders did not give us any other detail, such as the phone's release date, price, or specs, but the renders are enough to tell us what we should expect from the phone.



One exercise to lower high blood pressure instantly
9 hours ago
One exercise to lower high blood pressure instantly
2 mins, 3 secs


The secondary high blood pressure category accounts for five to 10 per cent of the cases

The secondary category is where the condition is caused by identifiable factors like endocrine disorder, kidney disease, use of birth control pills and narrowing arteries in the kidney

Most people suffering from the condition are usually unaware of it initially

Cleveland Clinic testing breast cancer vaccine | TheHill
18 hours ago
Cleveland Clinic testing breast cancer vaccine | TheHill
26 secs


Researchers at Cleveland Clinic have opened a study for a vaccine seeking to prevent triple-negative breast cancer, which is regarded as the strongest and most deadly form of the disease.

The first phase of the trial will determine how strong of a vaccine dose patients with early-stage triple-negative breast cancer can tolerate, according to a release from the clinic.

“This vaccine approach represents a potential new way to control breast cancer,” Vincent Tuohy, the primary inventor of the vaccine, said in the statement. .

Arkansas will 'lose valuable workers' over COVID vaccine mandate: Gov. Hutchinson
19 hours ago
Arkansas will 'lose valuable workers' over COVID vaccine mandate: Gov. Hutchinson
51 secs


Asa Hutchinson argues that the state would 'lose valuable workers' if the vaccine mandate is in place.

Arkansas Gov.

Asa Hutchinson explained why his state isn’t implementing a vaccine mandate for state workers on FOX Business' "Varney and Co." .


Dozens arrested as Indigenous people lead mass Ecuador protests
10 hours ago
Dozens arrested as Indigenous people lead mass Ecuador protests
1 min, 8 secs


Under pressure from CONAIE and Indigenous legislators, Lasso announced last week he was freezing the monthly increases of fuel prices, but fixed new prices slightly higher than those that had been expected to go into effect in October with petrol a fixed $2.55 a gallon ($0.67 a litre) and diesel $1.90 a gallon ($0.50 a litre).

“We have listened to you, the people, and also to political and social sectors to reach an agreement which brings us stability, in which the economy and grow and create jobs,” Lasso said in a message to the country Friday.

CONAIE rejected the president’s announcement and said protests would go forward as planned.

Brazilian commission votes in favor of recommending criminal charges against Bolsonaro
13 hours ago
Brazilian commission votes in favor of recommending criminal charges against Bolsonaro
42 secs


He said on Tuesday that the document attributes responsibility for the uncontrolled pandemic to many in Brazil, but that Bolsonaro bears the main responsibility.

"It is (the responsibility) mainly of this president, this serial killer, who has a death compulsion and continues to repeat everything he has done before," said Calheiros in a press conference on Tuesday morning.

Bolsonaro has already rejected the commission's findings as biased, and on Monday complained about the report during an interview with a local radio broadcaster in Mato Grosso do Sul.

"They label me as genocidal, charlatan, document forger and exterminator.

Blackhawks Ignored 2010 Sexual Assault Accusation, an Investigation Says
13 hours ago
Blackhawks Ignored 2010 Sexual Assault Accusation, an Investigation Says
1 min, 28 secs


Several Chicago Blackhawks executives failed to report a 2010 accusation that a minor league player had been sexually assaulted by the team’s video coach during that year’s playoffs, according to an independent investigation commissioned by the team.

Executives were concerned about distracting the team — Chicago won the Stanley Cup a month later — and did not thoroughly investigate the accusation or punish the coach, Brad Aldrich, according to the investigation.

The inaction by Blackhawks executives, who informed neither the N.H.L.


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