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Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova star in "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" on Amazon Prime Video.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Rudy Giuliani is still master of his domain.

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney provided an explanation for why he was caught in a seemingly compromising position in the upcoming “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” after news of his cameo made the rounds Wednesday.

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"I don't care Trump doesn't like black people 62% are you out of ya f--king mind.".

The rapper quickly started trending over his support and it wasn't long until Handler jumped into his replies -- tweeting, "You used to be my favorite ex-boyfriend.".

50 didn't love that, joking that the election was "effecting [sic] my love life now." He added, "@chelseahandler I love ya Gator, don't let Trump and Joe Biden come between us girl."!

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Another Banksy work, “Devolved Parliament,” sold last year at Sotheby’s in London for 9.9 million pounds.


Earlier this month, his graffiti-style piece “Forgive Us Our Trespassing” sold for $8.3 million at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong.

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The following Monday, the German scientist and chief executive of biotech firm BioNTech SE summoned his board to announce that the company, which had been developing next-generation cancer treatments, would start work on a Covid-19 vaccine.

Human trials would need...

WSJ Membership

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Health experts recommend wearing masks in public and keeping your distance from others in most cases, but whether you should do both could depend on the situation.

“There’s no invisible force field at 6 feet,” said Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease expert at George Mason University.

The U.S.

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“We are seeing more deaths in greater Minnesota because we are seeing more cases there,” Kris Ehresmann, the state’s infectious disease director, said Wednesday.

“We will see more and more deaths from greater Minnesota because of the high caseload.”.

Ehresmann and Malcolm tied the recent steep rise in cases and deaths to “COVID fatigue” but also described people who are ill but refuse to get tested because they don't want to admit they have it and don't quarantine as a contributing factor in spreading the disease.

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- El Paso County shattered a pandemic record Thursday morning as health officials announced 1,161 new Covid-19 cases and four coronavirus-related deaths, with one of those victims in her 40s.

The number of active cases increased to 9,406, which is a also an all-time pandemic high and makes 16 days in row of record-setting infection counts.

These record-breaking numbers have prompted city and county leaders to schedule a news conference Thursday at 1 p.m., at which time Mayor Dee Margo has signaled he may impose additional restrictions "for the health and safety of the community." ABC-7 will livestream it here on KVIA.com at 1 p.m.

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FrontLine WarmLine: Maine Department of Health and Human Services phone line to help Mainers who are working on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak.

The phone line will be staffed from 8 a.m.

to 8 p.m.

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Illinois health officials on Thursday announced 4,342 new known cases of COVID-19 and 44 additional fatalities, bringing the total number of known infections in Illinois to 360,159 and the statewide death toll to 9,387 since the start of the pandemic.

Officials also reported 80,977 new tests in the last 24 hours.

The seven-day statewide positivity rate is 5.7%.

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Following up on the CHIME/FRB detection, the FAST radio telescope found something else - a pulsed radio emission consistent with the magnetar's spin period.

"It's really exciting to see SGR 1935+2154 back again, and I'm optimistic that as we study these bursts more carefully, it will help us better understand the potential relationship between magnetars and fast radio bursts," astronomer Deborah Good of the University of British Columbia in Canada, and member of the CHIME/FRB, told ScienceAlert.

The detections, reported in The Astronomer's Telegram, are currently undergoing analysis.

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"The ironclad is a terrestrial beetle, so it's not lightweight and fast but built more like a little tank," lead author David Kisailus, a UCI professor of materials science and engineering, said in a news release.

"That's its adaptation: It can't fly away, so it just stays put and lets its specially designed armor take the abuse until the predator gives up.".

In compression tests, researchers found the beetle can withstand a force of about 39,000 times its body weight — the equivalent of a 200-pound man enduring the weight of 7.8 million pounds. .

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"When 'raised' back to the Earth's surface and reconstructed, the boundaries of this ancient Resurrection tectonic plate match well with the ancient volcanic belts in Washington State and Alaska, providing a much sought-after link between the ancient Pacific Ocean and the North American geologic record," Wu said. 

Originally published in Live Science

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The tweet reads that Kojima Productions "confirms a new project is in development and is looking to hire the best-in-class talent to work out of our Tokyo studio, directing prospective employees to the company's career page.

On that page, there's more than 25 job listings, looking for everything from writers to project managers.

#KojimaProductions confirms a new project is in development and is looking to hire the best-in-class talent to work out of our Tokyo studio.

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Microsoft previously outlined plans to bring the new Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox consoles, although staggered beyond its PC version launch.

Developer, Asobo Studio, has remained tight on its console plans, simply reaffirming development remains underway.

But recent updates to the Microsoft Flight Simulator PC client now include references to that Xbox version, including calls to the Scarlett codename.

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The Mate 40 series is powered by Huawei's new 5nm Kirin 9000 5G chip, but if rumors are to be believed, Huawei only has around 10 million of these stockpiled so there may be a limit to how many of these phones it can produce.

Due to the ongoing trade restrictions imposed by the US administration, it's not currently possible for Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC to supply any more semiconductors to Huawei built using US technology.

Add to that the fact that these phones aren't compatible with a number of popular apps, and Huawei faces an uphill struggle in shifting serious numbers of units outside China.

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The inclusion of four dedicated launch buttons to some of the more popular streaming apps — and the recently unveiled system interface, including a separate home screen for entertainment apps — gives us a better glimpse of how PS5 owners will be able to use the hardware come launch day

Update October 22nd 1:14PM ET: Updated to include that the Crunchyroll app would be available on PS5 at launch

PS5 Media Remote

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The video platform — short for "quick bites" and designed for people out and about to watch short videos on their phones — was one of a slew of new streaming services to challenge Netflix over the past few years, most of which were part of much bigger tech and entertainment companies, like Apple and Disney.

Despite securing almost $2 billion in funding from Hollywood companies including Disney and NBCUniversal, the service failed to catch on.

"There was no question that keeping us going was not going to have a different outcome, it was just going to spend a whole lot more money without any value to show for it," Katzenberg told entertainment publication Deadline in an interview. ?

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It is extremely rare for a dog to be born with green fur, but other pups like Pistachio have made headlines before.

In 2017, when a green puppy was born in Massachusetts, a young boy with his own rare condition adopted him, CBS Boston reported.

Earlier this year, a green puppy was born outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

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"The researchers found that several of the nasal and oral rinses had a strong ability to neutralize human coronavirus, which suggests that these products may have the potential to reduce the amount of virus spread by people who are COVID-19-positive," Penn State said in a release.

Craig Meyers, a professor of microbiology and immunology and obstetrics and gynecology, who led the study, along with his team of researchers, have been studying different ways to lower the transmission and spread of human coronaviruses through aerosolized respiratory droplets, which is a method of transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

According to Meyers, "I was in the drugstore and I just saw the bottle of Listerine, and it said 'kill germs that cause bad breath.' And I thought, 'What the heck?' I bought it and we threw it into the studies and we were a little surprised on how well it worked" at inactivating human coronaviruses, Meyers tells CNBC Make It.

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, starring Sacha Baron Cohen, has become a political football during this presidential election season.

Lisa O'Connor/AFP via Getty Images.

hide caption.

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It depends on actually learning the facts and following the science and not just making stuff up whenever it's convenient.

Our democracy is not going to work if the people who are supposed to be our leaders lie every day and just make things up.

And we've just become numb to it.

We've just become immune to it.


'Uncharted' set photos offer our first look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake
4 hours ago
'Uncharted' set photos offer our first look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake
38 secs


The latest shred of evidence comes courtesy of Tom Holland’s Instagram (as well as the official Uncharted Twitter account), where he shared a picture of him in full Nathan Drake costume.

Holland has quite the young face in general, but he by and large looks the part — and the whole vibe of the shot screams “Uncharted” in a pretty satisfying way.

It’s nice to meet you, I’m Nate.

Lisa Marie Presley Shares Heartbreaking Birthday Tribute To Son Benjamin In First Post Since His Death
6 hours ago
Lisa Marie Presley Shares Heartbreaking Birthday Tribute To Son Benjamin In First Post Since His Death
42 secs


Alongside a photo from a previous birthday celebration, she shared a note to her "beautiful beautiful angel.".

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"My beautiful beautiful angel, I worshipped the ground you walked on, on this earth and now in Heaven," shared the 52-year-old singer.

Joel Daly, longtime ABC 7 news anchor, dead at 86
7 hours ago
Joel Daly, longtime ABC 7 news anchor, dead at 86
26 secs


After leaving television he became information officer of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and wrote a fine and lively biography, “The Daly News: A Life on Television News” (Eckhartz Press).

His wife Sue died of complications from lung cancer in 2014 at their La Grange Highlands home.

They had been married for 57 years and had suffered the pain of losing two adult sons, Doug and Scott.


Samsung Smart Call now protects the Galaxy Note 20 against robocalls
9 hours ago
Samsung Smart Call now protects the Galaxy Note 20 against robocalls
18 secs


Samsung developed the Smart Call feature to protect users against spam calls, enabling them to block and report robocallers.

Clearly, this problem isn’t going to go away.

So Samsung is further improving the feature and expanding it to the Galaxy Note 20 series.

Google Play Music is now officially dead, dead, dead
13 hours ago
Google Play Music is now officially dead, dead, dead
33 secs


Open the Android app now and you'll be greeted by a white splash screen with a Play Music logo that morphs into a YouTube Music one.

Bold text tells you GPM is no longer available and explains that you can transfer your whole library to YTM.

Two buttons are provided below that, one to kickstart the transfer process and another to manage your data.

Rune 2 lawsuit alleges deliberate sabotage from Bethesda, ZeniMax
22 hours ago
Rune 2 lawsuit alleges deliberate sabotage from Bethesda, ZeniMax
1 min, 0 secs


Publisher Ragnarok has returned to the courtroom, this time with accusations of fraud and breach of contract levied at shuttered Rune 2 developer Human Head as well as at Bethesda and ZeniMax, the owners of the studio that sprung up over night after Human Head’s closure.

Last year’s sudden closure of Human Head is at the center of the lawsuit’s complaints.

Human Head was suddenly shuttered last November, an announcement made a single day after Rune 2’s release and paired with news that the former Human Head staff were starting a new dev house, Roundhouse Studios, under Bethesda.


Severe burn damage from California wildfires seen from space
1 day ago
Severe burn damage from California wildfires seen from space
53 secs


"It is rare that we get more than one large lightning-induced fire in a year in California; this year, we had 10 lightning complex fires," Potter told the Earth Observatory

"Some researchers think these lightning storms may be related to climate change

If global warming means more lightning storms like this in California, then we are in trouble."

Artemis Accords: Why many countries are refusing to sign moon exploration agreement
2 days ago
Artemis Accords: Why many countries are refusing to sign moon exploration agreement
1 min, 45 secs


Previous attempts to govern space have been through painstakingly negotiated international treaties. The Outer Space Treaty 1967 laid down the foundational principles for human space exploration – it should be peaceful and benefit all mankind, not just one country.

But the treaty has little in the way of detail.

The moon Agreement of 1979 attempted to prevent commercial exploitation of outer-space resources, but only a small number of states have ratified it – the US, China and Russia haven’t.

How a Greenhouse Catastrophe Killed Almost All Life
2 days ago
How a Greenhouse Catastrophe Killed Almost All Life
1 min, 3 secs


The international team led by Hana Jurikova studied isotopes of the element boron in the calcareous shells of fossil brachiopods – clam-like organisms – and with it determined the rate of ocean acidification over the Permian-Triassic boundary.

Because the ocean pH and atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) are closely coupled, the team was able to reconstruct changes in atmospheric CO2 at the onset of the extinction from boron and carbon isotopes.

They then used an innovative geochemical model to study the impact of the CO2 injection on the environment.


New Research Helps Explain Dramatic Declines in COVID-19 Death Rates
7 hours ago
New Research Helps Explain Dramatic Declines in COVID-19 Death Rates
1 min, 47 secs


Horwitz says the new study, publishing online next week in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, is the most detailed analysis to date of coronavirus death rates over time.

By accounting for age, obesity, and other key factors, the researchers were able to eliminate some explanations from the analysis.

For the investigation, the research team analyzed 5,263 patient records of people treated for COVID-19 at NYU Langone hospitals in New York City and Long Island between March 1 and August 8.

Health officials: Those who attended block party in Victor should quarantine
11 hours ago
Health officials: Those who attended block party in Victor should quarantine
48 secs


Eight Ontario County residents have tested positive for COVID-19 and an additional four are presumed positive after attending the block party.

Smaller clusters have been identified in hospitals, clambakes, congregant living facilities and children’s sleepovers.

Like other counties in the region, Ontario County is seeing a spike of COVID-19 cases, according to Public Health Director Mary Beer.

The #1 Worst Breakfast to Have If You're Trying to Lose Weight
1 day ago
The #1 Worst Breakfast to Have If You're Trying to Lose Weight
1 min, 13 secs


If you're a devout cereal lover and can't imagine your mornings without it, then there are a few things you can do in order to make your breakfast filling.

Sprinkle cereal on a bowl of low-fat plain Greek yogurt with sliced fruit.

Add fresh berries and sliced almonds to your bowl of cereal.


Watch OSIRIS-REx take a bite out of asteroid Bennu's surface
5 hours ago
Watch OSIRIS-REx take a bite out of asteroid Bennu's surface
30 secs


It conducted surveys early on that revealed organic carbonaceous material spread widely over Bennu’s surface, particularly at the Nightingale site chosen for the sampling process. That gave NASA confidence that it would collect a sample with organic material, which was a central goal of the mission.

The sample collection process was a carefully orchestrated dance.

OSIRIS-REx extended its 2 meter (6.6 foot) TAGSAM robotic arm with the 30 cm (1 foot) wide sampling head attached, while folding in its solar panels to protect them.

Judge drops third-degree murder charge against former officer Derek Chauvin in George Floyd's death
6 hours ago
Judge drops third-degree murder charge against former officer Derek Chauvin in George Floyd's death
29 secs


In a statement, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who is leading the prosecution of Floyd's death, called the ruling a "positive step forward in the path toward justice for George Floyd, his family, our community, and Minnesota."

"The court has sustained eight out of nine charges against the defendants in the murder of George Floyd, including the most serious charges against all four defendants," Ellison said.

"We look forward to presenting the prosecution's case to a jury in Hennepin County," he added.

An attorney for Chauvin declined to comment Thursday.

Why Nigerians are protesting police brutality
1 day ago
Why Nigerians are protesting police brutality
1 min, 58 secs


He encouraged people affected by police misconduct to report the abuses.

How did the recent unrest begin?

After weeks of outcry online from young people in the country over claims of kidnapping, harassment and extortion by SARS, protesters began taking to the streets about two weeks ago.

While the demonstrations have been largely peaceful, police have been accused of using excessive force against some protesters, allegedly causing a number of deaths and injuries.

Amnesty International said in a tweet Tuesday that "thugs and sponsored hoodlums" were also attacking peaceful protesters across the country.

The #EndSARS campaign gained increased traction globally after international celebrities such as US rapper Kanye West, singer Trey Songz (real name Tremaine Aldon Neverson), former professional footballer Rio Ferdinand and "Star Wars" actor John Boyega spoke out in support of the protests.

Members of the Nigerian diaspora community also organized protests in solidarity with their counterparts at home, with demonstrations held as far afield as Canada, England, Germany and the United States.

As public anger mounted, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, announced the dissolution of SARS on October 11.

In a video the following day, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the "genuine concerns and agitations by Nigerians about the excessive use of force, and in some cases extrajudicial killings and wrongful conduct, by men of the Nigerian police force."

Buhari said the disbanding of SARS was "only the first step" in extensive police reform.

"We will also ensure that all those responsible for misconduct or wrongful acts are brought to justice," he added, insisting that "the vast majority of men and women of the police force are hard-working and diligent in performing their duties."

A new tactical police unit, the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, has been created to "fill the gaps" left by the disbandment of SARS and will be trained by the International Committee of the Red Cross, Reuters reported Monday.


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