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The trailer raises the familiar (to those who know the original story) thematic beats from the book.

The production value is magnificent, and this includes the cinematography, alternating between warm and cool tones.

There are stunning shots of ghats.

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The emotional tete-a-tete between Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith on Facebook Watch’s “Red Table Talk” has set a new record as the social site’s most-viewed original episode in the first 24 hours.

Within 16 hours after it was posted Friday at noon PT, the 12-minute segment, titled “Jada Brings Herself to the Table,” had been viewed more than 12 million times.

That has already topped the previous one-day record holder for views: a “Red Table Talk” episode from March 2019 with Jordyn Woods discussing rumors she had sex with NBA star Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloe Kardashian’s daughter.

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OSBI investigators are at the The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park at the request of the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office.


(KFOR) – Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents are assisting an investigation at The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, which was once owned by Joe Exotic.

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President TrumpDonald John TrumpDemocrats blast Trump for commuting Roger Stone: 'The most corrupt president in history' Trump confirms 2018 US cyberattack on Russian troll farm Trump tweets his support for Goya Foods amid boycott MORE on Saturday expressed confidence that rapper Kanye WestKanye Omari WestTrump on Kanye West's presidential run: 'He is always going to be for us' Kanye West says he had coronavirus Coronavirus Report: The Hill's Steve Clemons interviews Randi Weingarten MORE — who recently announced that he plans on launching a late bid for the White House — could steal votes away from Trump's presumptive Democratic opponent in November, former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenTrump commutes Roger Stone's sentence Hillicon Valley: Facebook considers political ad ban | Senators raise concerns over civil rights audit | Amazon reverses on telling workers to delete TikTok House Democrat warns about 'inaccurate' polls: Trump voters 'fundamentally undercounted' MORE.

That shouldn’t be hard.

Corrupt Joe has done nothing good for Black people!

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Hader and Bilson were first linked together last December, when they were spotted in Tulsa over the holidays visiting Hader’s family and doing normal things like “getting coffee” and “taking a walk.” They proceeded to make their red carpet debut at the Golden Globes in January, prompting Hart of Dixie fans to Google Barry and SNL fans to Google The O.C.

Farewell, sweet couple.

We’ll always have the paparazzi photos and that prescient 2013 sex scene.

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The decision comes a little over two weeks after California Democrats in Orange County called for the renaming of the John Wayne Airport. The resolution, which was passed, asks the county's board of supervisors to restore the name to Orange County Airport.


John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Orange County, Southern California.

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“When we think about the school we have to think about COVID spread among kids and the long term implications of that,” Dr.

Katlyn Jetelina, University of Texas School of Public Health.

Although rare, the mysterious organ failure disease linked to COVID-19 in children is a scary wildcard for parents.

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People who died of COVID-19 can have blood clots form in every organ in the body, and she discovered something else: Cells which cause clots were found in places they are rarely found.

Megakaryocytes are cells usually only located in bone marrow and lungs.

But the study showed among people who died of COVID-19, the cells were found in the heart, liver and kidneys where they can cause blood to clot, leading to complications like stroke and liver failure.

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Citing "flagrant violations" of public health orders, Los Angeles County announced Friday that it was shutting down the garment factory run by Los Angeles Apparel, the company that Charney started after losing control of the one he founded. .

The factory, in downtown Los Angeles, was initially shut down on June 27 after three employees died of COVID-19.

Another employee has since passed away, with more than 300 workers testing positive for the disease.

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Could we determine whether Moderna or Inovio is favored by evaluating the external funding for their respective COVID-19 vaccine candidates.


Moderna announced in January that the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) awarded it funds to develop its COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

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The United States saw another record-breaking day on Friday with 66,600 new coronavirus cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

That's up from the previous daily record of 63,200 cases on Thursday and marks the third time in less than a week the country has hit an all-time high for new, confirmed infections.


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Cells lining the blood vessels, in the kidneys, the liver ducts, the pancreas, in the intestinal tract and lining the respiratory tract all are covered with ACE2 receptors, which the virus can use to grapple and infect cells, the Columbia team wrote in their review, published in the journal Nature Medicine.

"These findings suggest that multiple-organ injury may occur at least in part due to direct viral tissue damage," the team wrote.

Coronavirus infection also activates the immune system.

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Reference: “An Array of Ringing Global Free Modes Discovered in Tropical Surface Pressure Data” by Takatoshi Sakazaki and Kevin Hamilton, 30 June 2020, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences.

DOI: 10.1175/JAS-D-20-0053.1

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“…Planet Nine could be a grapefruit-sized black hole with a mass of five to ten times that of the Earth.”.

Loeb and Siraj aren’t the first to propose a primordial black hole as the cause of the KBOs unusual orbits.

But they think they know how to find one if there’s one out there.

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On June 1 it grew to 26 counties with an elevated new case rate, and by July 9 nearly all California counties, 53 of 58 counties had a new case rate over 2.5.

While the state has dramatically increased testing for the coronavirus, that doesn’t fully explain the rising rate of infections

The positive test rate was on the decline for weeks as testing capacity rapidly increased, but it started climbing again in June

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Dubbed B1051 by SpaceX, the booster was scheduled to make its fifth trip to space after launching two Starlink flights earlier this year as well as SpaceX's first Crew Dragon test flight and a trio of Earth-observing satellites for Canada in 2019. .

Along with a stack of 57 internet-beaming satellites, SpaceX is ferrying two small, Earth-observing satellites for BlackSky Global as part of a rideshare deal arranged bySpaceflight — a brokerage service that helps small satellites find rides to space. .


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First thing's first—yes, you should take this potential update with a grain of salt, because like any anonymously sourced report it could turn out to be bogus. But Best Car Web has been a consistent source of reports on the Supra GRMN, and other calls it's made like the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser dropping the V8 have turned out to be true in our own reporting. ?

The S58 can currently be found in BMW's X3M and X4M where it produces between 473 and 503 horsepower, however the engine is expected to get a bump in power when installed in the Competition Package spec of the German brand's classic M3 and M4 cars when they launch later this year. At 510 horsepower, this version of the S58 should theoretically be the most powerful. It's also the one reportedly going in the new Supra GRMN..

As far as the transmission options go, it's reported that BMW's 7-speed DCT is going to be the only option. Supposedly it was tough talking BMW into handing over their twin-clutch automatic, however, it eventually agreed. Why Toyota is going with another automatic despite the enthusiast's community clamoring for a manual, we aren't sure. .

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“Microsoft is pushing hard at subscription plans like Xbox Game Pass, and free-to-play console games have gotten huge in recent years, so the retail price of AAA games right out of the gate has become less of an important factor over time for a growing portion of the console gamer base,” said Ward

Ward makes an important point about free-to-play console games

As of this writing, the most played games on Xbox One are Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone and NBA 2K20 —  the former two are free-to-play, while the latter is on Xbox Game Pass

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If Nintendo follows the pattern of one major first-party multiplayer game for holiday 2020, I suspect this year is when we'll see Mario Kart 9/Nintendo Kart.



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The system uses a microphone outside the window to detect the repeating sound waves of the offending noise source, which is registered by a computer controller.

That in turn deciphers the proper wave frequency needed to neutralize the sound, which is transmitted to the array of speakers on the inside of the window frame.

The speakers then emit the proper “anti” waves, which cancel out the incoming waves, and there you have it: near blissful silence.

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The developers have announced that the game will release on Nintendo Switch on the 23rd of July.

This will be the first time a Crysis title is released on this platform.

Crysis Fans,!


Kick Back With 'Palm Springs,' A Witty Romcom About Fighting Despair
12 hours ago
Kick Back With 'Palm Springs,' A Witty Romcom About Fighting Despair
1 min, 24 secs


More specifically: Nyles (Samberg) is trapped in a time loop, much like Groundhog Day's Phil (Bill Murray).

He spends every day at the same wedding at the same venue in Palm Springs, where he sees the same people (including a girlfriend he doesn't particularly like), and then the next day, he wakes up, and he does it all over again.

There's a woman at the wedding named Sarah (Milioti), who's the bride's sister.

'RHOBH': Lisa Rinna Shows Sarah Paulson Love After Lisa Vanderpump Shade
15 hours ago
'RHOBH': Lisa Rinna Shows Sarah Paulson Love After Lisa Vanderpump Shade
56 secs


RELATED: ‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna Throws Shade at Lisa Vanderpump and Her ‘Crown’.

When asked by fans on Twitter, Vanderpump claimed to not know who the award-winning actress was.

“I am sorry, not sure I know her, and I don’t believe or remember meeting her… I try to be nice to everybody lol,” Vanderpump tweeted.

Kim Kardashian West Demands Justice For Man Killed By Sacramento Cops
21 hours ago
Kim Kardashian West Demands Justice For Man Killed By Sacramento Cops
30 secs


Kim Kardashian West is leading a renewed call for justice in the death of Stephon Clark, who was shot and killed by police officers in Sacramento, after being contacted by his sister.

Kim is calling on her 179 million Instagram followers to sign a petition pressuring Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert to bring charges against the officers who fatally shot Clark back in 2018 in his grandparent's backyard.


Left 4 Dead 3 would've been open-world on Source 2
20 hours ago
Left 4 Dead 3 would've been open-world on Source 2
25 secs


Back in 2013, Valve was working on Left 4 Dead 3 alongside a myriad of other projects--including a unique Half-Life 3 idea.

But the game ultimately fizzled out due to a fledgling Source 2 engine that simply wasn't ready.

Now Valve opens up on what Left 4 Dead 3 looked like back then, and discusses why the game wasn't ever released.

Far Cry 6 Confirmed With Teaser Featuring Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito
1 day ago
Far Cry 6 Confirmed With Teaser Featuring Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito
38 secs


The listing also revealed that Far Cry 6 will appear on both current and next-gen consoles, and offer a free upgrade path for digital purchases from PlayStation 4 to PS5, similar to Microsoft's Smart Delivery on Xbox One to Xbox Series X

According to the leaked store listing, it's scheduled for release on February 18, 2021

The Ubisoft Forward stream will take place this Sunday, July 12

Death Stranding Collector's Edition Drops To $70
1 day ago
Death Stranding Collector's Edition Drops To $70
45 secs


GameSpot named Death Stranding one of its best games of 2019, and in GameSpot's Death Stranding review, we scored the game a 9/10

Reviews editor Kallie Plagge praised the game for the ways in which it rewards you "in practical ways as well as emotional ones, driving home the positive impact of what you do for others."

"[Death Stranding is] positive without ignoring pain; in fact, it argues in both its story and its gameplay that adversity itself is what makes things worth doing and life worth living," she wrote


NASA wants to protect Moon and Mars from human contamination
1 day ago
NASA wants to protect Moon and Mars from human contamination
26 secs


While the space agency has been sending rovers and other unmanned spacecraft to the Moon and Mars, it’s concerned about the biological contaminants associated with human presence.

If we unknowingly take contaminants to other worlds when we start human exploration, we risk compromising the search for extraterrestrial life.

At the same time, NASA wants to ensure its crewed missions don’t cause adverse changes to Earth’s environment with the introduction of contaminants from outer space.

An extinct giant dolphin behaved like a killer whale, study finds
2 days ago
An extinct giant dolphin behaved like a killer whale, study finds
1 min, 19 secs


They found that features of the dolphin's skeleton beyond its neck implied that modern baleen and toothed whales, though separate, might have evolved similar characteristics due to the parallel evolution in the similar aquatic environments they inhabited.

"The resulting pattern is unexpected given just what we know about the [living animals]," said John Gatesy, a senior research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History who wasn't involved in the study.

Characteristics that were interpreted as traits shared by living cetaceans instead evolved in separate lines of descent, Gatesy added — so modern whales reached where they are today by multiple, similar pathways that trace back to their ancestors.

Evolution of echolocation

Ankylorhiza was the first echolocating whale to become an apex predator because of a cranial joint that allowed a range of motion identical to a modern orca, Boessenecker said.

Crap: NASA's Mars
3 days ago
Crap: NASA's Mars "Mole" Finally Started Digging, Then Hit Another Obstacle
22 secs


NASA has been desperately trying to use the “mole” attached its InSight Mars lander to bury into the Martian soil for more than 17 long months, but progress has been slow.

The soil beneath NASA’s InSight lander proved to be “cement-like duricrust” according to JPL, that may have caused the mole to recoil and bounce around.

More on the mole: NASA InSight Lander Finally Manages to Bury Its Mole Into Mars


1 in 4 teachers at risk of serious illness if infected with coronavirus
10 hours ago
1 in 4 teachers at risk of serious illness if infected with coronavirus
26 secs


(WDAF) -- A Kansas woman whose husband was killed in an accident seven months earlier recently welcomed their baby boy into the world. 

LisaMarie Miller's husband Jesse was killed in a pileup two weeks before Christmas

She was just two months pregnant at the time. 

University of Houston researches create heated air filter that can kill coronavirus 'instantly'
1 day ago
University of Houston researches create heated air filter that can kill coronavirus 'instantly'
31 secs


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More evidence emerges that a TB vaccine might help fight coronavirus
1 day ago
More evidence emerges that a TB vaccine might help fight coronavirus
1 min, 19 secs


Researchers found that countries where many people have been given the vaccine have had less mortality from Covid-19.

While that doesn't mean that BCG somehow reduces the risk of severe illness form a coronavirus infection, it fits in with other research that suggests BCG can boost people's immunity in general, and perhaps help against the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization has cautioned against the use of the BCG vaccine for coronavirus until more is known, but teams around the world are studying the possibility it may help.

Luis Escobar of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and colleagues used existing data to explore whether countries without a national BCG vaccination program have greater coronavirus mortality rates.

In order to make a fair comparison, they accounted for factors such as population density, access to health care and response to Covid-19.

They found a strong correlation between BCG vaccination use and lowered Covid-19 mortality rates in socially similar European countries.


5 dead in hostage situation at South Africa church; 40 arrested
9 hours ago
5 dead in hostage situation at South Africa church; 40 arrested
42 secs


South African police seized weapons and made more than 40 arrests after responding to a hostage situation at International Pentcost Holiness Church, Zuurbekom, overnight Saturday.

(South African Police Service).

The Associated Press described the church as long-troubled.

Roger Stone: President Trump 'saved my life' by commuting prison sentence
19 hours ago
Roger Stone: President Trump 'saved my life' by commuting prison sentence
1 min, 0 secs


Roger Stone says President Donald Trump saved his life by commuting his prison sentence Friday night.

"The president has saved my life," Stone said, "And he's given me the opportunity to fight for vindication.".

He previously had said that any period in a federal prison would amount to a death sentence, given the coronavirus pandemic and his health problems.

Tucker Carlson's top writer resigns after secretly posting racist and sexist remarks in online forum
1 day ago
Tucker Carlson's top writer resigns after secretly posting racist and sexist remarks in online forum
4 mins, 35 secs


Just this week, the writer, Blake Neff, responded to a thread started by another user in 2018 with the subject line, "Would u let a JET BLACK congo n****er do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?" Neff wrote, "I wouldn't get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no." (The subject line was not censored on the forum.) On June 5, Neff wrote, "Black doods staying inside playing Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest factors keeping crime down." On June 24, Neff commented, "Honestly given how tired black people always claim to be, maybe the real crisis is their lack of sleep." On June 26, Neff wrote that the only people who care about changing the name of the NFL's Washington Redskins are "white libs and their university-'educated' pets."

And over the course of five years, Neff has maintained a lengthy thread in which he has derided a woman and posted information about her dating life that has invited other users to mock her and invade her privacy.

There has at times also been overlap between some material he posted or saw on the forum and Carlson's show.

CNN Business contacted Neff for comment Thursday night.

After he or someone acting on his behalf passed that email to Fox News spokespeople, a network spokesperson on Friday morning told CNN Business that Neff had resigned.


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