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Nandi wrote: "He said okurrrrr #TheApprentice."

And HK added: "Loool navid said okurrr #theapprentice."

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But, of course, I realised that I had to be grateful that I’ve had the opportunity of playing for a long time in some of the greatest music of my era, and that perhaps there are people whose playing I maybe inspired somehow, so I shouldn’t be mad at the world because I had to stop.

So I was eventually able to deal with it, and my meditational practices and spiritual interests did help me not to feel sorry for myself.”.

As we part, I ask a cheesy question I know that, as a believer in reincarnation, he will have been asked many times: does he want to come back as a musician in his next life.

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In the famous 1973 ruling, the US Supreme Court held that a woman's right to an abortion fell within the right to privacy protected by the Fourteenth Amendment.

Friday 21 January 2022 09:20, UK.

Gwyneth Paltrow is marking the anniversary of a landmark US abortion rights ruling with a new limited edition candle.

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A spokesperson for comedian Alan Carr has announced he and husband Paul Drayton have made the 'difficult decision' to divorce and go their separate ways after 13 years together.

Alan Carr and his husband Paul Drayton are separating, a spokesperson for the comedian has said.

They have been married for three years, but have been a couple for 13 years and said they have made the decision "jointly and amicably".

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At the time of writing, the official NHS advice still reports a new and persistent cough, a loss of taste or smell and a fever as the main symptoms - but read on for how parents say the virus is differing for their kids.

The first thing to note is how different the responses were between families' experiences - while some kids had little to no symptoms, others were left quite unwell by the virus.

The number of hospitalisations among infants has risen during the Omicron wave, although experts are still saying that the majority of cases are very mild and that people shouldn't panic.

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Here's what you need to know about meningitis B, including symptoms, what causes the dangerous illness and ways to protect yourself.

Meningococcal disease is a life-threatening infection caused by bacteria that can go on to cause meningitis.

Meningitis can attack the brain and spinal cord causing swelling in those areas as well as causing a serious infection or poisoning of the bloodstream called septicemia.

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Pfizer is currently trialing its Covid vaccine in children as young as six months old, and reportedly plans to submit its application for approval soon.

The Pfizer vaccine is the only jab minors in the U.S.

are eligible for, with children as young as five allowed to receive the shot. .

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Top graph shows: The proportion of children with peanut allergies given immunotherapy (blue) — a slow increase of peanut intake — who avoided a reaction when given the equivalent of 16 peanuts after two-and-a-half years (left) and 26 weeks after treatment ended (right) compared to those not given the treatment (orange).

Graph shows: The children who avoided a reaction 26 weeks after treatment (blue) by their age and initial level of allergy compared to those who did not (red).

Graph shows: The probability of overcoming peanut allergies across ages and levels of initial allergy.

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Sofia stopped using the steroid creams provided to her and immediately suffered from the side effects known as topical steroid withdrawal.

She says she broke out into a red and burning rash, had a cold temperature and was unable to sleep.

She also adds how she felt as though her hair would fall out.

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My new heart struggled at first, and my kidneys struggled at first from the drugs and my heart not working properly.

"It was about two weeks before I was actually awake and then by the time I woke up it was like everything is great.

So I never experienced any of the stress, but my family would tell you a very different story of my time in hospital.

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The new iPad Air is said to have similar specs to the latest iPad Mini.

These include the A15 Bionic chip – this is the same system on a chip used in the iPhone 13 range and 2021 iPad Mini.

The front camera should be a 12-megapixel Ultra Wide shooter with support for Center Stage – this means it can pan to keep you in shot if you're moving around during video calls.

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According to a survey of 2,700 game developers from the Game Developer's Conference, most of the people making games aren't interested in NFTs or cryptocurrency!

When asked to gauge their interest in using cryptocurrency as a payment tool, 72% of respondents to the GDC survey said that they weren't.

Similarly, 70% of game devs who took the survey said they had no interest in NFTs.

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We may also see some other Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Tab S8 at Unpacked 2022

All that's left to do now is wait for Samsung to announce the official February Unpacked event date

James is Senior Phones Editor for TechRadar, and he has covered smartphones for the best part of a decade bringing you news on all the big announcements from top manufacturers making mobile phones

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Pokémon Unite has received strong support since it arrived on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices last July - with regular patches, updates, and even new Pokémon joining the battle?

This week, for example, the Ghost and Grass-type pocket monster Trevenant joined the battle - a Pokémon first introduced during the Nintendo 3DS generation.

This isn't the only change to the game though.

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UK-funded aid is being sent to Tonga, almost a week after parts of the island nation were devastated by a volcanic eruption and tsunami?

The Australian naval ship HMAS Adelaide was expected to set sail on Friday carrying British aid, including 90 family-sized tents, eight community tents, and six wheelbarrows requested by the Tongan government.

At the same time, the Royal Navy's offshore patrol vessel HMS Spey will sail from Tahiti to Tonga carrying water and medical supplies.

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Last year, Nissan's partner, China's Envision AESC, announced it would build an electric battery plant to supply an expansion of electric vehicle production at the Japanese carmaker's plant in Sunderland.

Electric car sales soar, but chip shortage bites?

'Game changer' electric car battery plant approved?

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The January transfer window is rapidly progressing and there is a concerning update for Arsenal, who have reportedly been dealt a bitter setback in their pursuit of Mikel Arteta's priority target, Fiorentina ace Dusan Vlahovic.

Liverpool, who knocked the Gunners out of the Carabao Cup to reach the final on Thursday night, are said to be targeting two rising stars who could rejuvenate their attack for years to come.

Recruitment in the forward line may soon be needed as Roberto Firmino remains linked with a move to Barcelona.

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Mr Drakeford said: "We remain cautiously confident the public health situation is heading in the right direction and next week we will be able to complete the move to alert level zero, unless the situation changes for the worse.".

He previously laid out a roadmap for which restrictions will be eased and when.

But the Welsh Conservatives said Mr Drakeford should set a date for all Covid-related laws - including mask wearing and self-isolation rules - to be lifted.


Prince William tells grieving schoolboy, 11, pain of losing mum 'gets easier'
8 hours ago
Prince William tells grieving schoolboy, 11, pain of losing mum 'gets easier'
1 min, 3 secs


The duke and duchess spent about 15 minutes talking to the schoolboy and his great-grandmother, Carole Ellis, during a visit to Church on the Street in Burnley, Lancashire, a centre that helps people struggling with poverty, homelessness, addiction or other problems.

In a lighter moment they posed for pictures with families and Kate found herself holding a three-and-a-half-month old baby girl.

She cooed at Anastasia Barrie while standing beside her parents Trudi, a volunteer, and Alastair Barrie, who is on the centre's committee.

Sheridan Smith is locked in legal battle in gritty ITV drama No Return
16 hours ago
Sheridan Smith is locked in legal battle in gritty ITV drama No Return
1 min, 4 secs


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Devastated Apprentice fans react to Shama Amin leaving due to ill health
17 hours ago
Devastated Apprentice fans react to Shama Amin leaving due to ill health
3 mins, 24 secs


One person said: 'No bcs why did they make Shama get up at the crack of dawn to announce her leaving, should've let her rest and let Lord Sugar announce it for the show.' .

While another agreed, and said: 'Not the producers making Shama go to location, stand up there and announce her exit and *then* go home.'  .



Midnight Ghost Hunt is a beautifully silly Prop Hunt revival
21 hours ago
Midnight Ghost Hunt is a beautifully silly Prop Hunt revival
3 mins, 16 secs


Panic. Panic at the museum reception desk, as the astronaut suit I have belatedly possessed is set upon by a four-strong team of ghost busters. We’re in the opening seconds of the round and only 20 minutes into my Midnight Ghost Hunt hands-on preview, which means I’ve yet to figure out important concepts like ‘where the hunters spawn in’, or nuances like ‘this button lets me hide in props’ as opposed to ‘this button telekinetically waggles props about like ectoplasmic dinner bells’. As ghosts we’re supposed to mostly stay schtum for the five minutes it takes to reach midnight, at which point we get to both metaphorically and literally flip the tables on the living. Instead: panic.1

Fortunately, I’m playing with a team of developers who are happy to prioritise my immediate survival over their own. “We’ll run interference!”, yells lead developer Sam Malone over my panicked giggling. My astronaut bops between the hunter’s laser beams and harpoon bolts, miraculously clinging to unlife as Sam pelts my pursuers with taxidermied wolves from a nearby display. Another beam knocks my spectral form out of the suit, but the jig’s not up: I weave between dinosaur skeletons, jump up a ladder, turn a corner and possess an urn. I’ve escaped in the chaos, but Sam hasn’t been so lucky. “They’ve got two harpoooooooons”, he whimpers, reduced to goop that the hunters promptly vacuum up in order to prevent him respawning..

In case it isn’t clear, all of this is an absolute riot. The two best things you can do in video games are 1) trick people and 2) run away from them, and the first phase of Midnight Ghost Hunt, which is getting a closed beta at the end of the month, is largely about resorting to the latter once you’ve failed the former.

DICE outlines next steps for Battlefield 2042, starting with Portal XP changes
1 day ago
DICE outlines next steps for Battlefield 2042, starting with Portal XP changes
2 mins, 37 secs


More is coming beyond those initial two updates, and DICE touched upon some of the other work it's doing to improve Battlefield 2042, including game performance.

"Our teams continue to analyse the data available to us," it explained, "and develop further optimisations that enable the game to make best use of your hardware.

In every update, we'll be delivering changes big and small that aim to tackle the issues and improve your experience.".



How to live longer: One of the healthiest nuts shown to reduce cancer and Alzheimer’s risk
1 day ago
How to live longer: One of the healthiest nuts shown to reduce cancer and Alzheimer’s risk
49 secs


“If the molecular changes in humans and mice were similar, it seemed reasonable to conclude that the effects on breast cancer in humans should be similar to those seen in mice (i.e., slowed cancer cell growth or increased cancer cell death).

“Consumption of walnuts could be beneficial to combat occurrence or recurrence of breast cancer in humans.”.


Lung cancer symptoms: What a lung cancer cough sounds like
1 day ago
Lung cancer symptoms: What a lung cancer cough sounds like
43 secs


Less common symptoms of lung cancer include:

Certain lifestyle factors can put you at greater risk of developing lung cancer

Bird flu: Doncaster Lakeside warning after cases confirmed
1 day ago
Bird flu: Doncaster Lakeside warning after cases confirmed
50 secs


A warning has been issued after dead birds found near a South Yorkshire lake were found to have avian influenza.

The creatures found at Doncaster Lakeside in December tested positive for bird flu, the council said.

It warned people not touch or pick up dead or sick birds and to avoid droppings in the town's parks and lakeside areas.


Meat Loaf death: Bat Out of Hell singer dies aged 74
7 hours ago
Meat Loaf death: Bat Out of Hell singer dies aged 74
1 min, 2 secs


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Ukraine tension: Urgent US-Russia talks in Geneva as invasion fears grow
9 hours ago
Ukraine tension: Urgent US-Russia talks in Geneva as invasion fears grow
1 min, 37 secs


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are meeting for talks in Geneva amid mounting fears that Russia could be about to invade Ukraine.

On Thursday Mr Blinken warned Moscow of grave consequences if any of its forces crossed the border.

Russia has 100,000 troops at the border, but denies planning to invade.

Fake police officer used blue lights to pull over stranger for 'bad driving'
9 hours ago
Fake police officer used blue lights to pull over stranger for 'bad driving'
34 secs


Mr Rawson also appealed to the judge to spare Moriarty a driving ban despite his actions during the police stop

However, District Judge Bosworth said that driving ban, along with a suspended sentence, was necessary because of Moriarty’s behaviour

Labelling Moriarty’s actions “extraordinarily ill-judged”, District Judge Bosworth said: “The public need to have confidence in their dealings with police officers.”


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