20 Questions with Danna Paola: Mexican Singer Opens Up About Her Most Personal Album Yet, ‘K.O.’ - Billboard
Jan 15, 2021 1 min, 28 secs
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Danna Paola’s evolution has come a long way since her debut album Mi Globo Azul in 2001.

Today, a renowned actress and singer-songwriter, Danna presents her most personal album yet, K.O., released via Universal Music Mexico.

“With this album, I knocked out all of the bad stuff that was killing me, emotionally,” she tells Billboard, calling it a production that represents healing.

“I had to learn how to put myself first and I think the entire album has that vibe,” she says.

I would say it’s my most personal album yet because I was involved in every way?

Which song on the album do you connect with the most and why?

“Amor Ordinario.” This song is my most personal track on the album.

Which song on the album do you think will become a fan-favorite and why.

I created this album so that my fans can understand a personal part of me.

The last song that made it on the album was “Justified,” which I had for about five or six years -- but I knew it was the missing piece for my album.

I know I’m launching my new album, but I already want to work on my next album and discover new artists to work with.

I also think all the support I received from my fans made me believe I could be an artist full-time.

I’d like to do an album with all of my best friends.

Gossip Girl, Breaking Bad -- and I think I would watch Dark again.

I think it’s one of the craziest series I’ve ever seen?

What’s one thing that even your most devoted fans don’t know about you.

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