9 Google Calendar Features You Aren't Using But Should Be - Lifehacker
Oct 13, 2021 1 min, 29 secs

Once you’ve done this, Google Calendar will automatically schedule a time for your hobby, and you can set up notifications to be reminded when it is you time.

If you set up meetings frequently and keep fiddling with the same few settings every time, consider changing your default duration and permission settings in Google Calendar to speed things up.

To enable this, open Google Calendar and go to Settings > Time zone.

Another useful feature for people who collaborate across time zones is Google Calendar’s ability to show you a world clock.

You can pick as many cities as you need and Google Calendar will show you the time in those cities right on the home page.

To set this up, go to Google Calendar settings and select Time zone from the left pane?

If you exclusively use Google Calendar to set up video calls, it’s a good idea to automatically add Google Meet links to each meeting invite—a feature that is enabled by default.

If you prefer to use another video conferencing app along with Google Calendar, you can remove this option by going to Settings > Event settings and unchecking Automatically add Google Meet video conferences to events I create.

If you get lots of event invites, flight tickets, and other schedules on Gmail, you should opt-in to seeing all of your Gmail events in Google Calendar.

You can enable this by going to Google Calendar’s home page and navigating to Settings > Events from Gmail.

Enable Show events automatically created by Gmail in my calendar.

Make Google Calendar infinitely more useful by adding important events such as public holidays, sports schedules, and region-specific information so you know if you’re trying to schedule an important call on a holiday

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