911 call reveals neighbors' panic after Anne Heche crashed into an occupied home in LA - CNN

911 call reveals neighbors' panic after Anne Heche crashed into an occupied home in LA - CNN

911 call reveals neighbors' panic after Anne Heche crashed into an occupied home in LA - CNN
Aug 17, 2022 1 min, 27 secs

Anne Heche had crashed her blue Mini Cooper into a home in Los Angeles on August 5, and the caller, as heard in a recording obtained and published by TMZ, was unaware that the veteran actor was behind the wheel, or that anyone was still in the car at the time.

The caller told the dispatcher that the car was about 10 feet into the house.

Everyone in the home was accounted for, the caller said, adding that he was unsure how many people were in the car when it crashed.

Heche's crash into the two-story house in the Mar Vista neighborhood ignited a fiery blaze that took 59 firefighters over an hour to extinguish, authorities said.

Around 20 minutes later, a fiery crash into a two-story home

Shortly after her stop at the hair salon, Heche's speeding car barreled into a home in Los Angeles, police said.

"Solo passenger vehicle struck and came to rest well within a 738 square foot two-story home built in 1952, causing structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire," the Los Angeles Fire Department said in a statement.

In the frantic audio, the caller told dispatch that the car moved so fast, it's in the second room of the home.

Dispatch urged the caller to stay on the phone until the medics start helping the victim.

A positive drug test and a dismissed investigation

Heche was hospitalized in critical condition following the crash.

Detectives got a search warrant for her blood sample, and tests later showed she was under the influence of narcotics, police said.

The LAPD initially announced that she was under investigation for felony DUI after her blood work showed signs of impairment, elevating it from a misdemeanor DUI.

After her death, authorities dropped their felony investigation into the crash, police said.

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