Apex Legends Shatters Records As Players Urge Fans To Stop Playing Apex Legends - Kotaku

Apex Legends Shatters Records As Players Urge Fans To Stop Playing Apex Legends - Kotaku

Apex Legends Shatters Records As Players Urge Fans To Stop Playing Apex Legends - Kotaku
Aug 11, 2022 46 secs

It’s not a universal maxim, but in many cases, there’s no surer sign a game is alive and well than when waves of players start calling it a “dead game.” The most recent example is Apex Legends, which just set an all-time player count record amid a coordinated—I use that word generously—social media campaign urging players to fall off the game for a month.

Complaints about Apex Legends poured in (the initial post has more than 1,000 reponses), and it eventually morphed into the idea that the community would take a whole month off from the game.

And just yesterday—again, while #NoApexAugust was supposedly in full swing—Apex Legends set its all-time record number of players on Steam: 510,286 players, according to stat-tracking database Steamcharts.

Still, that a social campaign—messy execution aside—was merited here in the first place calls attention to very real issues players have with the game.

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