Ask Amy: Man’s unvaccinated family has him wanting to skip Christmas altogether this year - OregonLive
Dec 08, 2021 1 min, 5 secs
These unvaccinated family members are also traveling across multiple state lines right before the holidays.

My husband understands that we shouldn’t celebrate the holiday with his unvaccinated family members, but he says that in turn, we shouldn’t see my widowed 75-year-old mom who, like us, is fully vaccinated.

It’s like he wants to punish both me and her because he can’t be with his family!

He and I routinely see my mom — we go on walks and share dinners, but he says that if we don’t have a meal with his family, then we can’t have one with my mom, even though they have a great relationship.

I just lost my job, which provided health insurance for both of us, so we cannot get sick?

I don’t know how to handle this.

I was spending time talking to girls on Facebook after I said I wouldn’t, even though I didn’t really feel as though I was doing anything wrong at the time.

She just got a job and doesn’t make enough money.

She just doesn’t.

Dear Caught: This scuttlebutt directly involved a family member.

I suggested telling the family member, “I am uncomfortable both knowing this and also repeating it…” leaving the choice up to the receiver.

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