Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode subverts balance in favor of fun - Polygon
Jul 28, 2021 1 min, 14 secs

Battlefield Portal is a new game mode in Battlefield 2042 that lets players mash up their favorite Battlefield time periods into a single game.

But don’t expect Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode to be balanced for competitive play.

Battlefield Portal is a game mode creator in Battlefield 2042, which will debut this fall.

Players can use it to combine vehicles, weapons, gadgets, and even soldier classes from 2042, along with those from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 1942, into a single mode.

Skilled players can also use some logic-based visual coding to create new rule sets for their game modes.

If you want to create a game mode where an entire team’s weapon sets change once they reach a certain kill threshold, you can do that.

Players can upload all of these changes, including their custom rule sets, to Battlefield 2042’s servers for other players to use and enjoy.

Battlefield 2042’s core modes will offer the balance players expect and the chance for glory that comes with it, so why not get loose in Battlefield Portal.

A game mode created intentionally for kids to text their friends about in class, making plans to play when they get home.

But for players who only ever want to play with streamers, watch clips, and build maps with friends, Portal is everything.

Or it’s a way for viewers — those who will never play Battlefield 2042 — to engage with a community purely through the joy of watching chaos unfold on YouTube and Twitch.

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