Big Business Lobby: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens 'Absolutely Vital' to U.S.
Jul 22, 2021 57 secs
Big business interests are ramping up their lobbying for amnesty for illegal aliens and more legal immigration to the United States as nearly 16 million Americans remain jobless and millions more are underemployed.

The Vegas Chamber believes immigration reform is absolutely vital to our recovery." – @MBSewald.

Even as nearly 16 million Americans are jobless and another 4.6 million are underemployed, business executives said the solution to getting workers is not getting jobless Americans off the sidelines of the labor market but rather inflating the labor market with more foreign workers.

The Chamber, for months, has been lobbying Congress to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens while increasing legal immigration levels.

In June, Chamber CEO Suzanne Clarke said the group is leading “the charge” for more immigration, as Breitbart News reported, asking for a doubling of the number of foreign H-1B visa workers that businesses can import.

A flooded labor market from mass legal and illegal immigration to the U.S.

Meanwhile, wage growth for the top one percent of Americans was nearly 140 percent higher.

Researchers have found that a flooded labor market can easily diminish job opportunities and wages for Americans.

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