'Cannibal' solar flares may bring auroras as far south as New York - Space.com

'Cannibal' solar flares may bring auroras as far south as New York - Space.com

'Cannibal' solar flares may bring auroras as far south as New York - Space.com
Aug 16, 2022 1 min, 21 secs

The sun has spat out two clouds of plasma in the past two days, which might trigger beautiful aurora displays observable much farther south than usual.

The double CME is currently expected to reach Earth on Thursday (Aug. 18) and might trigger aurora displays that could be visible as far south as New York and the north of England. .

In addition to those mesmerizing phenomena, geomagnetic storms can also trigger power blackouts and disrupt satellite links and radio communications.

Unlike CMEs, which take up to three days to arrive, solar flares reach the planet at the speed of light, which means forecasters can give no advance warning as the planet experiences the effect the moment the flares are seen. .

The space weather forecasters expect further flares over the coming days.

In addition to the two CMEs, there is also some increased solar wind flowing from a coronal hole, which will enhance the aurora displays expected toward the end of this week. .

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